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Believer or Skeptic
Worshiper or Agnostic
Realizing the immensity
That existence is an infinity
The self is bound by mortality
Bowing down with humility
Can then make…
Proximity with the divinity
A living reality…



Arrogant need no Foe
They already have inflated Ego
Believing in creating for others a shield
Or is it just fostering self pride
In unawareness… lines are blurry
Will need humility to see clearly…
Acting upon excellent intention
But without eternal compassion
Will entrap one in torturous situation
Beholding compassion and yearning for clarity
Can rid agony.. and will deliver ecstasy
In unawareness… lines are blurry
Will need humility to see clearly…


The one whose core is pure
The one whose core is pure…
Has sincerity that makes a devious tremor
And exhibits simplicity that crooks fear
The one whose core is pure…
Will make thugs insecure
Will shake up their interior until they can’t bear
Causing the quake to their core
Only to make their venoms disappear
The one whose core is pure…
Does it only out of love and care
Only to help even devious ones turn pure…


The people have now awaken
The crooked will be shaken
Once “Ram” takes out “Ravan”
The land will then once again become a heaven

Magical Dripping

A dripping glass of sap
Making the music of tip-tap
It’s dripping from bottom to the top
That’s the magic of every drop

The secret is…
To live with effervescence
Drenching in the fountain of elegance
Resonating with drop’s sustenance
Experiencing magic is surely an assurance


Dwelling under one sky
Like a shadow of one another
Still staying anonymous
Living in imaginary independence

This wall of individuality
Creates a rift and breeds duality
Separating a habitat from a sign of unity
Is  functioning of apathy

After realizing the fragility of our existence
Blending of hearts and living gently
Is of utmost significance
Dualism then unites into a beautiful alliance

U R Welcome

Receiving a thank you note from someone after being with them when they needed help, allows one to experience a sense of gratitude towards the nature of things that made one capable to be of help to someone. Then, one can sincerely say “You Are welcome”.

Under the sun and the moon
Rain or shine we rapture and swoon
With all the drama of life
Equanimity is what we strive
Lopdsided situations or Smooth sailing
Come and Go,staying steadfast without bailing
One day would then arrive
Mother nature’s grace will make one alive
Enriching friendship is a way to divine

माँ (Dear Mother)

Mother’s Day!

Here is a small poem in Hindi for my mother.

आई कहू या माता
तेरी अगाध ममता
जो बनाये तेरा मेरा नाता
खुद रब भी मुजे भाग्यवान कहता

तेरा ह्रदय एक खाई
जिसमे जबभी डुबकी लगाई
गिरा में ऊपर ऐसे, की सारे दे बधाई
क्योंकि पाया खुदा वहिं, और वहा हरपल बसे खुदाई

तेरा में ऋणी
ना कर पाऊ तेरे ऋण की भरणी
बस एक प्रार्थना हैं भगवान चरणी
की तेरी ममता रहे मुजपे निरंतरिणी

सृष्टि की इस उत्पत्ति में
पहेले बना प्राण, फिर बना इंसान
बाद में विकसा भगवान
लेकीन विकास का शिखर जिसे पूजे जन जन, वोह हैं मातृत्वपन

Here is a rough translation in english.

O’ mother
Your fathomless affection for me
That’s the foundation of our relationship
Even the divinity calls me a fortunate being to have you as my mother

Your heart a lovely abyss
Whenever I dive in
I have fallen up, and people congratulate me
To have found the divinity which always dwells there

I am in debt that you bestowed so much affection on me
How can I even pay back the borrowings
I can only pray
That this affection remains eternally

In the evolution of the creation
First life was born, then came a being
The lord also came about
But the peak of evolution is  motherhood, that everyone worships

Life Is A Joy

The spice of life
Is not in wine or dine
Relishing the zest
Is the best of the fine cuisine

The juice of life
Is not in liquor or poker
The nectar of life is enjoyed
When one is pure and clear

The magic of life
Is not in trick or clap
The treat of life is known
To the ones who seek and break the trap

Life is a joy
Known to the ones who drop the mundane ploy
Surely it will unfold
In ways that are untold


I wasn’t sure… I wasn’t sure
Whether to get immersed in the beginningless allure

A little bit of my will and a persuasive loving drill
Energized the spine to an ellipsoid refine

A year ago today, the journey began
A lot was bestowed in this span

The One who made it happen
Graced one and all and offered his lap to sit on

By instilling me with stillness, he infused within
And made my beginninglessness begin

Harmony Full Fledge

Paying respect is culture
Insulting a corpse
Can be a sign of a vulture

May it be of a friend
Or of a rival who has departed
Performing rites is a sign of a life-full comrade

Bygone is by-gone
Cursing a dead-one
Can’t bring anything to conclusion

Holding a grudge
Will only make it a trudge
Resentment can make peace a mirage

Mollifying the rage
And allowing deceased a passage
Is a sign of a sage
Harmony will then soar full fledge


One is in Yog
When one works with an agog
Helps others through their slog
And meditates like a log

Still reverberates with nature like a gong
O’ Yogi, your life is a song
That can transcend weak into a strong
If only one hums along
Will purify their being lifelong


O beloved…
Do I need to say
That you are hearty and sassy
But your nature is affectionately bossy
In your autocracy there is no need for democracy
Nevertheless your acts are classy
And the tastes are artsy
Your loving presence in my life
Is sheer bliss and ecstasy

Gusty Winds

Winds of change… the gusty winds
Will blow away the stubborn minds
The disguising acceptance
Can be exposed by a slight discordance

Stubbornness can be helpful
If it’s used to make someone joyful
And it’s disgusting
when used for self boasting

The gusty winds of change are flowing
The stubbornness needs to be bowing
Dropping the stubbornness is an option
Otherwise change will obliterate without any hesitation

Beware boasters…
Winds of change… the gusty winds
Will blow away your stubborn minds

Happy Easter

It’s time for resurrection, and not to fear the crucifiction
The complex motif of nature can then bestow the affection

Happy Easter All

April Fool’s Day

Insincerity, faking or deceit
Will deliver not even a tiny bit
Fooling others
Will earn a label of a cheat

Tricking none and being straight
Will eliminate the pretence of playing honest
The Peace and Calm
Then can be experienced infinite

April fool’s day is a reminder
To be straight with the self and be sincere
To not out-smart or put one down with sneer
Fooling will only dupe one off of the joy that’s pure


O dear…
You are my breath…
But at times it’s choking when you fill me
You are my breath…
And it’s suffocating if you leave me

It is my predicament
That I can’t accommodate you
And at the same time
I can’t live without you

A quandary so complex
Can you just pull a cord
So everything… simply falls in place?

Earth Hour 2011

At 8:30 PM on Saturday 26th March 2011, lights will be switched off around the globe for Earth Hour. Please comment about what steps will you take which will benefit the environment!

Mother earth…
Your nature is to nurture the mortal being
Who are plotting a cunning ploy for an evening
In your name, not to have any glittering
Actually, it’s just for our wellbeing

You can still go around without the human race
It’s our duty to seek your embrace
Isn’t it obvious
Failing, will only efface us from your surface

Spring Is Here

After looking at the current world events it seems that people all over are aspiring for freedom and wellness. It feels we are amidst a historical and revolutionary moment where the world order is being re-written. The spring season has just started on March 20th, however the spring of aspirations has already sprung full blown and here are a few lines wishing to make this spring, a season where the tyranny disappears.

Spring is springing
Buds are flowering
Sun is blazing
Warmth is seasoning

Masses are awakening
Aspirations are soaring
Free will is rooting
And Roots are strengthening

Revolutions are tooted
Tyrants are uprooted
People no longer are muted
Joy is springing… Freedom is sprouting

Let’s make it the spring of the century
Inducing Joy and Freedom and no tyranny
May there be no tyrant outside… or within
Now that spring is springing… spring is springing

Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Green, a sign of unripe… but so fresh and young
The one who was young… and so vulnerable

The one who was kidnapped… but couldn’t be held
The one who was called a slave … but couldn’t be enslaved
The one who followed his heart and escaped… and couldn’t be contained
Still his compassion contained them all… and deserted none

Like the sea green, shamrock or the lush meadow
One who experiences his softness, lusters aglow
Receiving his blessings to be bright like an emerald
One can have an internal triad


The bond in friendship is absolute…
…but there is no bondage

The sharing in friendship is absolute…
…but there is nothing compromised

The intelligence in friendship is absolute…
…but it may not be savvy

The freedom in friendship is absolute…
…but there is no bailing

The investment in friendship is absolute…
…but there is no deal

The trust in friendship is absolute…
…but there is nothing taken for granted

The depth in friendship is absolute…
…and one can submerge the self in the love for other


Meera, an aristocratic saint, singer and devotee of lord Krishna. This one is dedicated to her

The heart said this… the worldly said that
A great dilemma within… and outside

Who should I heed to
O lord, how can I attain you

The lord said smilingly…
Heed neither the heart nor the worldly

Listen not, to either of them
It’s a pure game

Be yourself and let them be…
Go on radiating love and then see

Here I am… in the pore of every grain
Immerse them in the flood of your love
Then no one can keep you in a chain…

Thin Line

There is a thin line between what’s ours and what’s theirs…
…it is the inclusiveness that determines which is which

There is a thin line between rage and a scold…
…it is the affection that determines which is which

There is a thin line between gifting and bribing…
…it is the intention that determines which is which

There is a thin line between intimacy and the force…
…it is the willingness that determines which is which

There is a thin line between meditation and a snooze…
…it is the intensity that determines which is which

There is a thin line between a melody and noise…
…it is the listener’s ear that determines which is which

There is a thin line between a devotee and the divine…
…true devotee merges with the divine and divine is an eternal devotee of creation

The LIFE is a thin line, it’s a thin line between the beginning and the beyond…
…treading tenderly brings a meaning and many splendor abound



Invocation to the divine:

I am missing you… I am missing you…

May be you knew all about it
So you came in the dream last night

After a long day of activities,
it felt, the night came only to arrange a dreamy sleep
your presence in my slumber was only to soothe me, only to comfort me…

a comfort of seeing you…
a comfort of feeling you…
a comfort of sensing you even when the senses were asleep…
a comfort so warm…
a comfort so warm… that it felt like the warmth of your embrace
the warmth that completed me,

Then you left…
then you left without saying a word
A torture it is… that I am missing you again…


A stem is in love with its buds
So much that it consumes the mud
Just to feed the baby buds

It holds them on the top of itself
So much that it weathers the floods
Just to protect the baby buds

It transforms its own body
So much that the pain of bearing
Gives itself the thorny pricks

The bud so beautiful and fragrant
It’s the desire of its mother stem
To have it blossom into a wonderful flower

Every petal when expands away from the core
The bud is smiling and twinkling
Making the world around it prettier and fulfilling

Bearing and helping the bud become a flower
Spreading the joy and beauty all over
Is an offering of the stem
Quietly, without seeking any acclaim

It’s a work that only of a saint
May be thorny but no feint
To spread the joy and fragrance… that’s the only intent

Valentine’s Day

From this Valentine’s day…

It’s time to fall in love all over again…
…with the sunlight and the darkness
…with the flowers and the roots
…with the friends and the opponents
…with the fruit and the seed
…with the music and the noise
…with the rain and the arid
…with the creation and the non-manifest

When this nature of love is imbibed within then every day is a Valentine’s day. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Export Love

Export Love
The beings plea from the other shore
The self who is devoted in exuding love
Drenches in the grace spurting from the divine bore

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