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Enhancing Reputation

It’s great to apply one’s expertise towards helping someone.

It’s even greater when your friend refers his/her acquaintance to you believing that your skills can help them solve their issue. Then, when you actually solve their issue, your friend feels great and says, wow, that enhanced his reputation!

It’s awesome to be of help, beyond that making someone experience a boost in their reputation because they referred someone to the right person (you) is even more awesome!


Guru Pournima (Guru’s day!)

A guru and the disciple have the same goal…

…the goal is to attain disciple’s spiritual uplifting

…Only a pure heart of a guru can bear the ignorance of disciples… and still be determined to guide them towards the ultimate wellbeing. Gratitude & Pranams!

On this Guru Pournima day (Guru’s day), seeking gracehumilityclarity can make one bask in the glory of guru’s energies

with love!

Drenched In Sweetness

The endeavor in some people’s life is to spread sweetness through their activity or passion, affection or devotion towards others, their exuberant acts are meant only to bring a little more sweetness of joy in other’s lives… that sweetness can be enjoyed by each and everyone… one just needs to drop the diabetic barriers and experience it.

Here are some Indian sweets (Gulab Jamun) made by a sweetest person I know… enjoy!

Good Deal?

In today’s commerce driven society, most companies and individuals are mainly focused, just on the profits or earnings for the next quarter. No doubt, there are some corporations that “do no evil” and try to bring value and goodwill to people. There are some companies that clearly seem to have awareness about their social situations and wish to contribute towards the growth of the community from where their employees, customers, associates come from.

Here is a wonderful story of an Indian town that voluntarily honored snapdeal.com (sometimes called as Groupon of India) by renaming itself to snapdeal.com Nagar for Snapdeal’s help in enabling clean drinking water by installing water pumps for villagers. The complete story can be found here

New I-Pad (India-Pad)!

“Sakshat” (meaning manifestation), a new tablet designed and developed in India, priced at Rs. 2,200 per device (appx $50) will be available to IIT Rajasthan students this June. Also, additional 90,000 units will be available to other areas soon.

The Sakshat tablet by HCL will come with a 7 inch touchscreen, inbuilt keyboard, video conferencing facility, multimedia content, Wi-Fi, USB port, Linux OS, 32GB HD, 2 GB RAM and computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab and Internet browsing.

Hopefully this “India-pad” will be available to all students and its access will not be restricted based on any “quota”! More details can be found Here.

Memorial Day

The one who lives life with a sense that someone or something is far bigger than themsleves, is and will be remembered for ever…


Memorial Day Greetings!

Smooth Sailing

Have you experienced sometimes on your way to work that traffic is much lighter than normal, somehow the traffic signals are green or they just turn green by the time you reach the intersections, you find a nice parking spot and people at the security or reception are smiling and friendlier. The atmosphere around is more positive than usual. There is something in the air and your sailing on the ground is much smoother than normal.Yes, it can happen not just on the way to work but on the longer journeys as well, where everything just seems to be falling in place right. There is something that drives you and also the surrounding is driven by it. What is it? As some put it, could it be that, when one sits in the lap of grace, every journey can then become a smooth sailing.

What’s Your Tag-line

Most of the organizations, commercial or otherwise, have a tag-line or have some sort of phrase that defines their motto or underlying intentions or business ideas. It’s a great way to be driven by a tag-line which can help in focusing on an objective and distinguish themselves from competition.

Use of a tag-line can not only help organizations, but also add color to an individual’s routine. How about taking up a tag-line, may be a new tag-line for each month to define a mission for a month and be driven by it? A tag-line for an individual can be something as simple as… Getup early and workout for a month… Plant trees or work in the yard every weekend for a month… No late night-outs for a month… Eat vegetables in every meal for a month… or something like this.

Yes, are you on it? So, what’s your tag-line for this month?

Writing… A Virtual Memory

The palest ink is better than the best memory – Chinese proverb

That’s the reason why it’s essential to put words in writing… by keeping a diary or by writing a blog or something as simple as tweeting, whatever method one chooses to look deeper into one’s thoughts can help one become more conscious of it and may also serve in many ways that one may not have imagined.

Being Creative

We all are gifted with an ability to use our imagination to develop new ideas or things to express originality that may have been inspired based on our past experiences or impressions from other’s writing, poetry, opinions, art or any other form of creative expression. An expression of creativity is definitely a sign of a healthy state of mind. It’s possible that some are better able to articulate their creative nature. However, making a focused attempt to create something can definitely improve the ability to express one’s creativity.

Inhibition is one of the main reasons why many restrain from expressing their creative nature. One can acquire skills to better express their creativity by practice, but one needs to starts expressing it at some point.

So, how can one express their creativity? There could be innumerable ways to do it, as simple as applying a little thought and updating one’s social status with a creative message, or tweeting pithy 140 character comments, writing simple songs, writing a joke with a message outside of your office or anything like that can get one going. Taking small steps could lead one into creating something bigger, plus it can add a whole new dimension to our life.

Let’s create something! Being Creative can then earn one a recognition as a Creative Being and add more joy to life !


One can work  in a sense of  bonded laborer

One can also work with an attitude of  a helpless slave or a prisoner

One may even want to get away from work or shun it so they don’t remember

But one can also think  of work as a way of survival and being the family’s bread winner

One can also feel work is worship so much so that work is something to revere

Above all, one can hold every bit of work as a service to offer

Life is  work, how one holds their work within, can determine what we make of our life

Coconut Water

It has started getting warmer now and drinking sweet and delicious coconut water is one sure way to cool the body. This awesome drink offers many health benefits and is naturally low in carbs and sugar, plus it’s 99% fat free!



Here is a story from the lore…

Once a renunciate went to the forest to pursue his spiritual practices and sat under a tree fasting. After a couple of days he started feeling really hungry and didn’t find much to eat. There he saw an evening, a tiger bringing some meat for a crippled fox. He wondered how come a tiger is bringing food, that too for his enemy and a crippled fox. This continued every evening to his amazement.

One enlightened being was walking past the tree and the renunciate asked him, even a crippled fox doesn’t die of hunger here, how come I, who has renunciated it all, has to stay without food? Isn’t the god merciful to give me also something to eat?

The enlightened being said, you perceived a crippled fox being fed by a tiger and want to have divinity or someone else provide you for your needs. Why didn’t you rather want to be like a tiger who earns his living and even feeds the crippled enemy? Whose example you want to follow is based on what you perceive.

Isn’t it true that our life works out as we perceive it?

Sweet Tooth For Royals

Can you believe someone can actually have the Royal duo inscribed on front teeth by willingly paying £1,000 to a dentist? It seems a man from Britain got William and Kate tattooed on his front teeth. Here is the story if you are interested to know more

You Betcha!

It seems some are betting on the color of the hat that Queen Elizabeth, prince William’s grandmother would wear during his upcoming royal wedding. It’s just interesting to see the passion about royalty and to what length some can go to express it.

Would you actually bet on royal wedding or things of this nature?

Your Name Here

There have been many beings that lived on this planet selflessly and worked towards betterment of masses. Sometimes their efforts are recognized, and amongst many ways of recognizing their efforts, it’s customary to name a street, a bridge, an airport etc. with their name.

It’s possible that some who were recognized didn’t necessarily get it with all fair means. But it’s not just about having one’s name on a public property, most of them definitely offered their life in service of humanity. There is something about their contribution that made people name a building or campus with their name.

There have been billions who lived on this planet, but just a few truly contributed something worthwhile for others to honor them with some recognition. So, when someone asks us what are your plans for the next three years or where do you see yourself in next five years, will it not be great if one could answer fearlessly and say that we plan on working towards contributing at least a tiny bit to society.

Whether we leave any legacy or not, whether our name leaves a mark on any building or not, that’s not important but it can leave a mark at least in someone’s heart! If most start working with an attitude to have just the street they live on be named after them, this world can become even more beautiful. What do you think?

A Gift

Isn’t it awesome when a loved one or a friend or an acquaintance finds our gift very useful or helpful? Plus, we can experience a sense of gratification and joy. But better yet, how about gifting something really valuable especially when we may not even know who would be the recipient of the gift? Such gifts are normally the selfless acts of donors. A donation need not always have a monetary value, but anything that is done with a sense of offering or something without any hidden agenda is almost always wonderful.

So, what can one donate or offer? Something as simple as a smile, or a flower or a heartfelt thank you or gratitude, just about anything. I was just reading about donating blood… Nationally, approximately four million people need blood each year that is approx. one person every two seconds – the overwhelming majority would die without it. Healthy donors are the only source of blood; there are no substitutes.

Yes, the most valuable gifts normally don’t have any price attached to it. Let’s gift something today!

The Right Time

Some want peaceful world…

Some wish for a corruption free world…

Someone just wish to be healthy and happy…

Some others wish to work on personal growth…

Some want to plant trees and improve the environment…

When is the right time to start working on it…

The Right Time could be Right now

In reality, it’s the intensity of our intent that will determine when is the Right Time

A Leader

I see mainly two types of leaders, the ones who lead by example and the ones who lead by enforcement on others. The ones who lead by example are natural leaders they follow their conviction and go on. Their sincerety may reverbrate with the masses and inspire them to become followers.

The ones who make use of rules and believe in setting regulations on others to sustain leadership, often neither demonstrate the conviction of belief or strength in their action. They are primarily driven by the desire for power or the perceived glory of power that leadership provides.

As it can be seen in any realm of life, say the ones who advocate conserving energy, being fiscally responsible, to be compassionate, to follow healthy diet or anything else- true leaders heed to their own advice.

If someone leads others by ganing popularity with the followers, chasing the opinions of others and not by one’s own conviction is really a follower of the followers and not a leader. Isn’t it so ?

This reminds me of a story about Mahatma Gandhi. When a woman went to him requesting him to advice her son to reduce sugar consumption, he asked her to come back after a month before he could say anything to her son. She went back to him with her son after a month and then Gandhi did the needful. Upon asking why he needed a months time, he said, first I myself had to practice reducing sugar intake and experience it, before I could ask anyone to do so. Thus being a true follower to his own preaching.

So, the next time we encounter a “leader” please see if he/she is a “follower” leader or a “leader” leader to get a better understanding and perspective of their leadership.


Centenarians… It’s wonderful to see many who live to be 100 years of age or beyond. They definitely maintain their body and mind in a healthy state, but above all there is something about their energy which acts like “preservative”. It is evident after looking at some of the people that I know that when this energy is blended with healthy living habits, one can enjoy not only years of longevity but one may even become fortunate to reach a milestone of 100 years of liveliness.

Congratulations to all centenarians and wishing them healthy and happy years ahead!

(my grandma – now 100 years young!)

Yes, Your NO Counts…

I have noticed, phenomenal changes happening with me, not only within but also around since last August. Looking outside one can clearly see a new sense of calling and awakening taking place all around the planet. There is a deep-rooted emotional upsurge to make this world a better place. It is clearly apparent in the form of toppling autocracies and demands for positive changes. As per my earlier hunch and post, “may this be the spring of the century” which may be a historic moment of our lifetime and for generations to remember as the beginning of transition to the new face of the world.

In spite of the strong thrust of energy behind the current movements, it takes courage to demonstrate a support to a movement that promises to bring about a positive revolution and significant changes. Lately, many have come forth to support the “People Against Corruption” movement in India. It’s time for everyone to come forth and participate in whatever way, maybe by lighting candles, tweeting, involving one’s friends or writing blogs or whatever way our conscience guides us.

Yes, together we can make this spring, a spring of joy, fill the world with more sense and laughter by eliminating corruption and tyranny from the lives of the people.

Happy Gudhi Padwa

Today is the beginning of the New Year for some who follow the Indian lunar calendar. It’s also called the “Gudhi Padwa”. The word “Padwa” means the first day of the lunar month (after the new moon).

The “Gudhi” is a flag that symbolizes the victory of good over evil and it’s an invitation to prosperity and good luck into the house. A Gudhi is normally made up of a brocade cloth tied to the tip of a long bamboo over which sugar crystals, neem leaves, a twig of mango leaves and a garland of flowers is tied. A silver or copper pot is placed in the inverted position over it.

Happy New Year, y’all!


Congratulations to Team India and to the fans of Indian cricket on a fantastic victory over Srilanka in world cup 2011 cricket final.

It will always remain to be a memorable day, right from the morning where I woke up at 4AM to get with the friends to watch the game together. It was a feeling somewhat similar to the times when we used to getup early morning to watch India playing in Australia while I was growing up. Except this time, the passion about the game was hundred times greater as it was the world cup final match, where Indian team had earned a chance to become world champion after 28 years. And it was worth it. India played great and proved themselves that they are not only the champions but perhaps the best team that India has ever had!

It was a glorious win and to a certain extent similar to 1983 victory where the self-belief and tremendous captaincy and team work propelled the team from lows to peaks. The team spirit and togetherness that Indian players showed was moving and one can only wish it keeps growing and brings them many more successes. Kudos ODI world champions!

Jai Ho

Congratulations team India on a fine victory in Cricket world cup semi-final over archrival Pakistan. After this awesome victory all are yearning for just one more win to bring the world cup back into India.

Go Team India!

Sparkling Chatter

Have you noticed how some kids maintain a smile and still manage to converse? They are chatting and at the same time most of their front teeth can be seen like the sparkling little stars in front of you. They may be telling some everyday thing that happened in their school but their sweet talk and exuberance is also pouring out from their eyes. Their big eyes, may be a little too big for the face, but they are so expressive that they also communicate with you. They are talking not just with the words but also with involvement. Whatever they are saying is important for them and it is not a conversation done just for the sake of formality.

The beauty in whatever they are saying is not necessarily in the content of it but it’s in the genuineness with which it is portrayed. That portrayal evidently exudes from their entire face. That smiling face connects with you somewhere and makes the day. A smiling day, a day to remember!

Earth Hour 2011

At 8:30 PM on Saturday 26th March 2011, lights will be switched off around the globe for Earth Hour. Please comment about what steps will you take which will benefit the environment!

Mother earth…
Your nature is to nurture the mortal being
Who are plotting a cunning ploy for an evening
In your name, not to have any glittering
Actually, it’s just for our wellbeing

You can still go around without the human race
It’s our duty to seek your embrace
Isn’t it obvious
Failing, will only efface us from your surface

Happy Holi

May this festival of colors and bonfire fill your life with colorful radiance…

Happy Holi!

Yes, I did that…

When was the last time you performed something that you are really a proud of, something gratifying and fulfilling or at least something that is larger than mundane? Something that you can tell your friends, relatives or your kids, grandkids – YES, I did that or I was involved in it? This question was posed to me by recent situations and events in life.

It’s such a simple question, but so profound. I have been fortunate to be in the company of certain people and situations in my life and that along with my kismet or destiny or choices, I don’t know what, but it led to a special and very personal three-month stint last year that I can say, YES, I was part of it. Some other volunteering opportunities also have contributed to my being and me perhaps touching someone else’s. YES, again!

Isn’t it very essential for everyone to be in regular experience that one could say YES, I was part of it? An experience that could be small but deep-rooted and one can cherish all his or her life? Having it not just once or twice a year… it will be truly immense if it happens every moment. At least one can determine to be a part of such an extra-ordinary activity periodically and then leave the “Yes, I did that” experience to circumstances. Hmmm…? Otherwise, mundane and insipid matters can easily take over the life and livelihood before one knows it, just like the weeds can take over the turf in an un-cared for lawn.

My new (unavailable) iPad2

The sleek new iPad2 from Apple opened to big lines in the US. Many who bought it online had gotten up early to make sure they get hold of one device before it possibly goes out of stock. Many were disappointed to see that most local stores ran out of stock and shipping time for on-line orders was 2-3 weeks.

One of my friends was wondering about this “want” for the new device. One can get much powerful and relatively light-weight laptop for about or less than $499. But owning an iPad2 is really “cool” and people seem to “want” one as soon as it was released. No doubt, Apple is fantastic at creating a great product and at marketing it.

I thought about the approach of releasing a product that draws such enthusiasm, and wondered whether it is better to release a hot product as soon as possible with a possible scarcity that may disappoint some customers and perhaps drift them away from a purchase, as the impulse of “wanting” may subside within 2-3 weeks. Or is it preferred to have a solid supply of the hot product before releasing and sell it to as many customers as possible upon release? After all, instead of waiting, a customer may decide to buy some other item or drop the idea of purchasing it.

On another note, no doubt that Android is a great platform, however in my opinion, the scarcity of iPhone to a certain extent also helped its meteoric rise in market share. Had iPhone been availble on all carriers it could have played out more favorible for Apple, but that’s my 2 cents. What do you think? Please vote below. BTW… I am one of those disappointed customers who couldn’t get hold of an iPad2 and now wondering about its utility for me. :- ( Anyways, Congratulations to Apple on a successful launch of iPad2.

Making Dough…

There is something about making dough, the rhythmic process of kneading an airy and contiguous dough is the basis for soft bread, especially the Indian “Phulka’s” or “Chapati’s”. It needs just the right amount of wheat flour and water, and kneading with dedication and love can be an experience as close as creating music or painting.

I always felt that my mother makes the best “Puran Poli”, an Indian bread stuffed with a sweet, made out of a paste of gram flour and sugar. The fragrant and flavorful wheat turns into soft and luscious bread only when the dough is made appropriately.

Come to think of it, is there anything ordinary in the world? Even a simple process of making bread or kneading dough can bring immense joy and fulfillment just to see how coarse flour turns into different kinds of breads. It’s a kind of joy that a gardener experiences when the seeds he sows turn into a beautiful bed of flowers. It’s so fulfilling… and can elevate the energies and liveliness… Is that what’s considered as being close to our spiritual nature?

Daylight Saving Time Begins March 13th

The daylight saving time begins tomorrow at 2 AM, remember to set your clocks forward by an hour. Yes, it could be a bit difficult for those who normally get up at 5 AM standard time, now they need to be up even an hour early to do their morning workout or Yoga. But what can one do? Wouldn’t it have been easier had one chosen 9 AM to start the day? Just kidding.

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