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They say… health is wealth. I think most people are aware that imbibing healthy living habits is essential. That’s the reason why most parents keep chocolates, soda or things of this nature away from their kids and make sure they eat vegetables or other healthy food. Although one “knows” the downside of following unhealthy routine, what do you think is the reason that many still don’t act upon changing their behavior?

I feel it’s a combination of two things… lack of will power and lack of consciousness. While many “know” about downsides, the “knowledge” is mostly bookish or gathered from external sources and hasn’t touched deep inside or in other words, it hasn’t turned into a living consciousness within. Can someone who is conscious of the consequences of following unhealthy routine continue to follow it? No, definitely not. However, it’s not easy to become conscious. Until then, one may need to make an effort to apply will power and force oneself to get into healthy habits or get out of unhealthy ones. Just like how parents force the child to brush and bathe every day, then after sometime it can become a healthy routine.

What do you think?


Low Signal To Noise Ratio

Now a days there seems to be a low signal to noise ratio…

A lot of noise… and a weaker signal

Lots of opinions… and very little news

A lot of gossip… and less information

A lot of rhetoric… very little actually being done

Lots of debates… a little substance

Lots of criticism… little creative work

Every other news was a “breaking” just a few years ago…
…every news seems to be “leaking” now a days

Entangled in ideologies… little is offered as a service

There seems to be a lot of noise… and a very weak signal

Just a bit of Introspectionmeditation… and inclusion

Can enhance the ratio… weaken the noise and enhance the signal


Fear Greed

    Ignorance Guilt

Check if a marketer is trying to exploit one of our above emotions in selling us something?

Becoming aware of it can help one choose what’s really needed.


Exhibiting conscious poise in routine activities can help one reach the heights of confidence. Just confidence alone can make one happier and stronger. One can create joyful positiveness in the surroundings and the people around.

So, can confidence alone deliver what’s needed? The confidence alone without clarity, intelligence or knowledge may not provide the fruits that could have otherwise been garnered. But, with a gentle heart and humble mind, just the confidence alone can make one thrive and make others throb with liveliness.

One can try being consciously confident for just one day, and experience the joy that it can bring. The energy that one can exhibit and the impact one can have on others. The knowledge, intelligence or clarity without confidence can hardly deliver anything, but a kinder confident being can definitely make at least the self a joyful being.

Bitter Juice

Fruit and vegetable juices are wonderful nutrients, especially some of the bitter tasting vegetables are considered good for easing diabetic condition. At the same time, one needs to exercise caution while consuming large doses of juices with bitter taste. It’s known anecdotally that consumption of large doses of onion juice, especially on empty stomach, can cause severe health damage.

A few cases of people consuming bitter bottle gourd (“lauki” in Hindi) mixed with bitter gourd (“karela” in Hindi) had to be hospitalized. Here is the news story from Times of India. Even though, the details about their health condition and what actually may have caused the health issue is still being researched, isn’t it better to peel off the rind even from apparently sweet vegetables or fruits before the use in daily meals or juices?

Come on, Man!

Crooked Man says
Common Man is a
Communal Man, because peacefully protesting against a
Corrupt Man is not in line with
Con Man’s principles
Now Come on, Man!


Unless compelled by unavoidable situations, agreeing or disagreeing with a fact, “after the fact” can either be a sign of meekness or opportunism, the sincere and courageous ones take a stance before the fact!

Nonetheless, better late than never… Leading the way forward or following it is a choice.

Just that… that’s what differentiate a leader from a follower.


Living life with Clarity and Conviction

…will make one Calm and Courageous


Reality is real only to the extent it can be experienced

…the rest are all ideas acquired through knowledge or belief.

Life Is Colorful

Life is colorful

At times some wish to evaluate everything and wish to see it in black and white

Evaluating self is introspection… Evaluating others is judgmental

Keep The Mobile Phone Away?

The radio frequency electromagnetic fields generated by radio, television and wireless telecommunications are possibly carcinogenic to humans, says WHO? The World Health Organization!

Here is the news story. Anyways, isn’t it good to occasionally make ourselves “free” from the “cell” of a phone and spend some time alone?

Grace Of Creativity

At different stages of life, most tend to seek different things. A young adolescent would normally seek education or a career. Some seek love or a partner to share their joy with. During mid-life most seek success in their career, business, a stable life or peaceful situations. During older age, naturally most tend to seek health and may wish to share their wisdom of life with others.

This is my 100th blog post and it’s hard to believe that I could actually write hundred different blog entries in a span of four months. On this journey of writing thoughts, quotes, poems and other things, the realization of being content is more important than blindly seeking for things that serve to bring immediate expediency was reinforced. So, at this stage what’s the seeking? Seeking is for the Grace of Creativity!

Projecting Self

The inherent ability of human mind to project the other being into one’s own self helps develop a certain set of moral standards and ethical behavior. For example, seeing someone else in pain can naturally generate a certain level of empathy in one’s mind because of experience of someone else’s pain can be projected into that of one’s own mind. Or in other words, we all have an inherent ability to be able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and virtually experience the pain, joy or some other emotion. This ability also helps enforce a certain level of ethical behavior for not inflicting pain. Thus, the ethics or a moral behavior is not necessarily propagated by an institutional teachings but it’s just a reflection of one’s own projection of mind or perception.

There has been some talk about being “ethical” in our daily work or to not deviate from “moral” behavior by indulging in some corrupt practices. A “moral” or “ethics related” teaching cannot really transform someone, but using one’s inherent ability to project every act and it’s possible impact on others can help make one’s surroundings gentler and pleasant. Isn’t it so?


Don’t assume… make an attempt to know it…

Their brutal honesty triumps hypocritical politeness…

Have courage… shun away the insipid ways, yearn to thrive…

Encourage transparency… because vagueness breeds corruption

Never get desperate… Never Ever.

Fooling Ourselves

Whatever happens, happens for good. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry, be happy. These are a few self consolatory ideas that are generally cooked up in timid minds. Yes, it’s essential to be consolatory with someone when they are down. However, it can be seen today that people who appear to be healthy and are doing okay in life, resort to believing that someone or something will take care of the situations in their life. Isn’t it a pure psychological process of escaping the existential reality?

Actually, just a little courage to face the nature of things can be attained by keeping a distance from entangling enticements. Then one won’t need to fool ourselves in consolatory false beliefs. Then one can say… Yes, am walking on the path of self-progress!

Care To Volunteer?

Most people like to be helpful or be a part of some useful social cause.  At the same time many don’t get an opportunity to express their willingness to help or they find that getting involved in such activities could take away most of their private time. The daily process of survival has been keeping many so busy that they feel it’s burdensome to get involved in a non-paying social or charitable cause.

Actually, all that is needed is just a small initiative on the part of a willing mind that wishes to do some “good”. For example, someone can start a “at cost soft drinks” service at their work place. The drinks from the vending machines at many work places are much pricier. A simple act of volunteering to provide not-for-profit soft drinks can create good will and also do some “good” to colleagues.

There could be many number of such things, such as volunteering for building houses (Habitat for Humanity), donating blood, sponsoring a child’s education etc. Isn’t it true that it takes just a willing mind and a little bit of effort to start making a difference?

The Republican Presidential Nominee for 2012

The following poll was published on this blog around two months ago. A lot has happened since then, now who do you think would be the Republican Nominee next year?

“I Have No Complaints”

Some wonder if we are becoming a society of complainers. It seems that many are eager to express their displeasure against a smallest level of discomfort that is experienced from a private or government service. It’s understandable if one is using the resources at hand to spread the awareness about a poor service. However, expecting that someone else needs to act to resolve the situations to our pleasure can result in a complaining behavior. It can be evident from most political commentaries where many eagerly criticize the policies or handling of situations by the officials. However, only a few actually propose any constructive alternative or act on improving the situation.

The complaining nature has reached to an extent where upon asking how someone is doing, some respond “I have no complaints”. Such a response tickles me. I wonder what if such respondent really have some complaints, would they rather take the responsibility for the issue or would prefer just complaining.

Anyone with a complete sense of responsibility would never complain, such a person would rather try to resolve an unpleasant situation to the best of ability. It‘s just those who feel that something or someone else is responsible for situations in their life, mostly would complain! What do you think?

Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

Why are manhole covers round? Which books have you been reading lately? What are your activities outside of work?

One may encounter questions similar to the above in an interview. The interviewer may not be asking such abstract questions to get an exact answer from the candidate. But they may pose such questions to get an idea about interviewee’s thought process and problem solving skills. Plus, it can also provide a peek into one’s attitude.

Circular manhole covers have a constant diameter (or width) and so they can remain in place and also not fall inside the hole.

The job specific questions certainly help an interviewer understand the possible productivity level that a candidate can bring in, as a smarter employee could turn out to be 10 times more productive than a mediocre one. At the same time, it’s extremely essential for an employer to assess candidate’s attitude and also aptitude for learning.

It’s certain that with a positive attitude towards work and a good aptitude for learning even an average person can turn out to be highly productive. However, it’s not easy to asses these skills, hence such questions.

In reality, it’s not just during the interview but a routine assessment of attitude and aptitude of the entire staff using some fun questions or games can provide everyone a peek into the state of the organization. After all, isn’t it true that the basis of success for any organization is rooted in its attitude towards the work at hand? How people in an organization perform their tasks, treat their customers, associates and fellow colleagues is what determines the success or failure of the organization.

Hmmm… So, You Are Tethering?

So it seems that some users who “enjoy” the tethering feature with their smartphone may experience their line being automatically updated with the “necessary” data plan that allows tethering. I am curious to know how tethering smartphone is any different from say using a wireless router to share the home internet connection. Now that so many different types of devices share one internet connection at home, should people be forced to update their data plan that may cost more? Especially if they have a data plan that allows only limited data usage? What do you think? Please comment below.

Here is my earlier post expressing the same concern and here is the article from MobileCrunch about AT&T, iPhones and tethering.

Common Sense

There have been a variety of surveys and studies that are conducted by focus groups, lobbyists, researchers or scientists and possibly millions of dollars are spent on them. Many a times we see that researchers come to some simple conclusion that grandmas just “knew” intuitively. However, intuition is neither easy to describe nor simple to grasp, it can only be perceived or experienced. May be that’s why we all got into the habit of learning things purely based on logic than also using intuition.

It’s however astonishing to see how some research studies are “logically” advocating consumption of chocolates, alcohol, coffee or things of this nature concluding that they can contribute positively towards human health. I remember learning life-negative effects of such things. However, it seems the use of extreme logic or perhaps biased research made some to reach a conclusion that is not necessarily in sync with common-sense.

Though, it’s just a few studies with outrageous claims help create a flawed perception, the most of the research studies eventually turn out to be useful in some way. Here is an interesting study that concludes that men with “ring” finger longer than their “index” finger are found more attractive by women. I am not sure about the validity or usefulness of this research but it is an interesting one.

By looking at the strange conclusions that some studies draw, isn’t it prudent for one to not justify their life-style by citing the conclusion of such research and rather simply apply common-sense?

Fear Of Survival

One of the main teachings and practice that is encouraged by most spiritual organizations is to go beyond mundane survival behavior. For human beings to grow and attain their fullest potential they say, it is important to widen the perception, become inclusive and not be driven by fear of survival.

In the name of taking spirituality to masses and by looking at the practices adopted by some spiritual organizations or their operators, I wonder if their actions themselves are based on fear of getting extinct, are they themselves getting entangled into mundane habits that only serve their own survival.

Is it not essential to look deeper and assess their own behavior while they are trying to market their message? Their intentions of taking spirituality to masses appear to be noble, but in the process are they losing the very essence of the intent? Some say, no one likes to be managed, manipulated or maligned, on the other hand people actually like to be included. But just see how some of the operators of these organizations manipulate some or malign others or exclude the ones they are afraid of. It happens only when the operator themselves are blinded by fear of survival or are sheer incompetent. In either case, it won’t serve the intent of spreading the spiritual practices in the world. Is it not rather preferred to maintain the purity of spiritual processes even if it means limiting the reach of it to a dedicated few, instead of taking it to masses in a diluted manner?

The Craving For Clarity

The wise men from the past said sit back, take a deep breath, think and then act… This approach may not necessarily provide a clarity of thought but it can prevent an impulsive action. They said an impulsive action is worst than even a reaction. Yes, at times an impulsive decision may turn out to be beneficial but wouldn’t it be wiser for a grown up to depend atleast upon instincts than on an impulse?

A healthy mind however “responds” to situations rather than “reacting” to them on the basis of instincts or even worse an impulse, the wise men said.

It can be clearly seen that unless someone is gifted or have earned phenomenon level of intelligence and perception, a quick reaction ends up hurting rather than helping anyone and people around. An intelligent and perceptive being can have the necessary clarity to make quick decisions, but isn’t it better for most to take a moment sit back, take a deep breath, think and then act. It’s possible this approach could ultimately provide the necessary clarity for those who crave for it.


So, how precisely do you illustrate a point or how important is it for you that the person you are conversing with needs to be precise in whatever he/she is saying? Yes, it is important professionally, for example a sales person needs be precise to a certain degree to convey as accurate a picture of his product as possible. But how about your informal conversations especially while you are chatting with your friends or family, is it important to be technically precise in whatever you or the other person is saying? Some people feel so, they feel that the credibility of a person depends upon how precise an illustration is.

For example, to emphasize the possibility of an outcome many people will often say 99% of time something may happen. Or it is a “million” dollar question. Or in some cultures, people describe “the other day” by saying “the day before”. None of these illustrations are precise. The 99% possibility may not have any statistical basis or something may not have exactly happened “the day before” but the point here is to apply a culturally established metaphor that signifies and conveys that something is as valuable as “million” dollars.

I feel, the application of such symbolic expressions to illustrate a point adds color to the conversation, they may not be technically accurate but they convey a point and in most cases in a more apt manner. Of course, the use of metaphors is dependent upon the language and the culture, but the insistence to be technically precise in all conversations may just make a conversation dry. What do you think?

Alcohol Awareness Month

April marks Alcohol Awareness Month, a campaign intended to raise awareness about problems caused to individuals, their families and communities by excessive alcohol consumption. It’s a known fact that alcohol can not only be addictive but it can also have an impact on the nervous system. There are numerous risks in regularly consuming alcohol and consumption binges can be even riskier.

Binge drinking is defined as consuming 4 or more drinks per occasion for women and 5 or more drinks per occasion for men. It is a common and dangerous behavior that contributes to more than 11,500 deaths among women in the U.S. each year—approximately 32 deaths per day.

Don’t you feel that most people are smart enough to choose not to consume say a glass of poison that can impair or be addictive or can cause physical ailment? At the same time it’s astonishing to see so many still choose to consume something that’s not called “poison”, but it can still have all those side-effects on us. It seems, the use of a stronger term like “poison” or associating some negative nuance can bring in a change in perspective and many may shun or at least reduce the consumption of an addictive drink. What do you think?


If your child appears to be acting stubborn while asking for a toy or a trip to an amusement park or whatever else, and chooses not to eat dinner in protest, what would you do with the child? Or in a protest against your non-compliance to what appears to be your parent’s strong will he or she decides to shun taking prescribed medication, what would you do? In such cases if one feels being responsible for the child or the parent then the first thing is to feed the child or coax the parent or in the worst case lovingly thrust the medication in, the other things will follow suit.

As I said earlier, it’s a shameful state of matters where a government allows its citizens to go through situations that create strife in people’s personal and social life. When citizens resort to a hunger strike, don’t you think that policy makers who feel being responsible to the citizen’s wellbeing would first go and coax or show some love and feed the fasting being?

Isn’t it time we get serious and choose people who won’t come to “power” to rule but are already “empowered” within so that they can serve? We need people who portray at least a little empathy and love by embracing the citizens who are in strife and not allow situations where the only option for anyone is to go on a hunger-strike.

What kind of mind do you think can allow senior veterans like Anna Hazare or for that matter anybody go on fasting for days before even making an attempt to engage with him in any constructive dialog? Would your sensibility allow a child, parent, friend or even a man on the street to go through this? If not, why elect such who show such insensitivity about society?


An evenly mowed grass looks not only beautiful but it adds a character and of course a curb appeal to the house. In addition, by looking at the grass that is cut meticulously or to see how the edges are done or how it is cut around the trees can tell a lot about the person and his/her approach.

Not only with lawn mowing or maintaining the garden but isn’t it also true in any area of life that one’s personality is mostly reflected from the work that he/she has performed? I feel so. The personality is mostly revealed in one’s approach to the job at hand. So if you agree, keep in mind the next time if we happen to cut the lawn, it’s not just our expertise at it but also our traits that will be reflected to the curb!

Hunger Strike

It is extremely gross when someone resorts to exploiting own body to reach any goal. A destitute may decide to sell own body organs to make a living or sometimes a youth thinks of immolation instead of using the body and mind in a constructive manner or a farmer is put into a situation that drives him to take his own life to get out of the situation, these are extremely gross ways of approaching life and it’s very saddening.

The drive against corruption is picking up steam and the society is in such a pathetic state where someone resorts to go on hunger strike or in other words, decides to use his own body as a means to create the necessary awareness in society. It’s a shameful state of matters where a seventy-two year old is required to go fasting for the media to pay attention to the issue or to awaken policy makers and bring about any positive change.

The corruption has been prevalent in most societies throughout the history, it’s nothing new. However, it’s important to be sensible and work with at least a little “sense of offering” within us and that’s what seems to be lacking in today’s social fabric which is mainly weaved based on scarcity and insecurities. Yes, a reduction in red tape, accountability and transparency etc. are all needed, but it’s more of a procedural matter. Fundamentally there is a need to bring a level of sensibility within each member of the society. Is it not true?

Come to think of it, many who support someone else’s hunger strike continue to eat as usual and don’t observe the fast themselves. Not that everyone needs to go on hunger strike but how many will be willing to stop say drinking alcohol for just one year? Or how about promising to not contribute towards the growth in population by not having more than one child or adopting one or at least sponsoring a child’s education? How about making sure to vote and bring at least one friend to the polling booth who wouldn’t have otherwise voted in the next election? The things similar to these may not remove the corruption from the society, but they will bring a level of sensibility and balance within. This balance is very essential to create social awareness and ultimately remove the corruption from within and outside. It is very essential to actively participate in the democracy and nation building process and not just have occasional activism at the cost of a fasting veteran.

Yes, it’s important to fight against corruption and we can all work together, use the media effectively, create awareness in the society and do many other things but to encourage or even support Anna go through a hunger strike is crude and purely gross. Isn’t it time for us to be more sensible and subtler and we can still attain a corruption free society.

High Definition Clarity

It’s wonderful to see things in High Definition format and one just needs to experience the clarity it offers to enjoy it. The lucidity and vivid colors stand out so much that even a simple image can be engrossing and one wouldn’t want to deviate away the attention even from an ordinary scene. “Jill I. Goodwill” was wondering not about the television but about seeing life more clearly to observe the details and have a high definition view of things around.

While attending a party she observed a few of her friends bantering and joking using a language that perhaps even an unripe youngster won’t use. They were oblivious to the immaturity of their so called jokes. She wondered, is it not time to act one’s age. As human beings, amongst many other things, we can say that we have grown and evolved when it’s not necessary to be told to not use foul language, to allow others to be, to set positive examples in front of children, to not use toxins at least in front of kids. After all, kids are quick learners and once they see parents getting drunk or being cunning or engaging themselves in frivolous acts, then doesn’t it become a social issue as it is not only about the parent and the kids anymore, but in some way we all are shaping the next generation by our activity or inactivity.

Is it not time, as a generation, we work on elevating the standard of being and not just the standard of our physical living? Is it not time to have not just the legal regulations but establish some level of moral enforcements? Is that too radical an idea? Is it not time to educate and guide people to see things in a clearer light to have a high definition insight? Jill kept wondering.

Wrapping Gifts

I don’t know how and when but somehow I got branded as a good gift wrapper! Now any birthday party, holiday gifting season or any other occasion means the responsibility of arranging for the wrapping paper and the darn sticking tape which always seem to play hide and seek with me has fallen on my capable (?) shoulders. Honestly, I am neither a fan of wrapping gifts nor enjoy doing it. It bothers me as I cut through the beautiful, printed paper and to see wasted pieces of paper lying around, to get a perfect wrapping job done. Besides, it’s painful to see the recipient rip open the gift, no matter how gentle they are and then throw away the gift-wrap in the bin.

I so wish that we can somehow cut down with this wrapping process and rather use the recycled and reusable gift bags or boxes? It will not only help improve the environment, but also will save us some sticking tape and the trials of going through the courtesy of wrapping?

Sparkling Chatter

Have you noticed how some kids maintain a smile and still manage to converse? They are chatting and at the same time most of their front teeth can be seen like the sparkling little stars in front of you. They may be telling some everyday thing that happened in their school but their sweet talk and exuberance is also pouring out from their eyes. Their big eyes, may be a little too big for the face, but they are so expressive that they also communicate with you. They are talking not just with the words but also with involvement. Whatever they are saying is important for them and it is not a conversation done just for the sake of formality.

The beauty in whatever they are saying is not necessarily in the content of it but it’s in the genuineness with which it is portrayed. That portrayal evidently exudes from their entire face. That smiling face connects with you somewhere and makes the day. A smiling day, a day to remember!

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