They say… health is wealth. I think most people are aware that imbibing healthy living habits is essential. That’s the reason why most parents keep chocolates, soda or things of this nature away from their kids and make sure they eat vegetables or other healthy food. Although one “knows” the downside of following unhealthy routine, what do you think is the reason that many still don’t act upon changing their behavior?

I feel it’s a combination of two things… lack of will power and lack of consciousness. While many “know” about downsides, the “knowledge” is mostly bookish or gathered from external sources and hasn’t touched deep inside or in other words, it hasn’t turned into a living consciousness within. Can someone who is conscious of the consequences of following unhealthy routine continue to follow it? No, definitely not. However, it’s not easy to become conscious. Until then, one may need to make an effort to apply will power and force oneself to get into healthy habits or get out of unhealthy ones. Just like how parents force the child to brush and bathe every day, then after sometime it can become a healthy routine.

What do you think?

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