Projecting Self

The inherent ability of human mind to project the other being into one’s own self helps develop a certain set of moral standards and ethical behavior. For example, seeing someone else in pain can naturally generate a certain level of empathy in one’s mind because of experience of someone else’s pain can be projected into that of one’s own mind. Or in other words, we all have an inherent ability to be able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and virtually experience the pain, joy or some other emotion. This ability also helps enforce a certain level of ethical behavior for not inflicting pain. Thus, the ethics or a moral behavior is not necessarily propagated by an institutional teachings but it’s just a reflection of one’s own projection of mind or perception.

There has been some talk about being “ethical” in our daily work or to not deviate from “moral” behavior by indulging in some corrupt practices. A “moral” or “ethics related” teaching cannot really transform someone, but using one’s inherent ability to project every act and it’s possible impact on others can help make one’s surroundings gentler and pleasant. Isn’t it so?

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