Being Creative

We all are gifted with an ability to use our imagination to develop new ideas or things to express originality that may have been inspired based on our past experiences or impressions from other’s writing, poetry, opinions, art or any other form of creative expression. An expression of creativity is definitely a sign of a healthy state of mind. It’s possible that some are better able to articulate their creative nature. However, making a focused attempt to create something can definitely improve the ability to express one’s creativity.

Inhibition is one of the main reasons why many restrain from expressing their creative nature. One can acquire skills to better express their creativity by practice, but one needs to starts expressing it at some point.

So, how can one express their creativity? There could be innumerable ways to do it, as simple as applying a little thought and updating one’s social status with a creative message, or tweeting pithy 140 character comments, writing simple songs, writing a joke with a message outside of your office or anything like that can get one going. Taking small steps could lead one into creating something bigger, plus it can add a whole new dimension to our life.

Let’s create something! Being Creative can then earn one a recognition as a Creative Being and add more joy to life !

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