“I Have No Complaints”

Some wonder if we are becoming a society of complainers. It seems that many are eager to express their displeasure against a smallest level of discomfort that is experienced from a private or government service. It’s understandable if one is using the resources at hand to spread the awareness about a poor service. However, expecting that someone else needs to act to resolve the situations to our pleasure can result in a complaining behavior. It can be evident from most political commentaries where many eagerly criticize the policies or handling of situations by the officials. However, only a few actually propose any constructive alternative or act on improving the situation.

The complaining nature has reached to an extent where upon asking how someone is doing, some respond “I have no complaints”. Such a response tickles me. I wonder what if such respondent really have some complaints, would they rather take the responsibility for the issue or would prefer just complaining.

Anyone with a complete sense of responsibility would never complain, such a person would rather try to resolve an unpleasant situation to the best of ability. It‘s just those who feel that something or someone else is responsible for situations in their life, mostly would complain! What do you think?

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