Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

Why are manhole covers round? Which books have you been reading lately? What are your activities outside of work?

One may encounter questions similar to the above in an interview. The interviewer may not be asking such abstract questions to get an exact answer from the candidate. But they may pose such questions to get an idea about interviewee’s thought process and problem solving skills. Plus, it can also provide a peek into one’s attitude.

Circular manhole covers have a constant diameter (or width) and so they can remain in place and also not fall inside the hole.

The job specific questions certainly help an interviewer understand the possible productivity level that a candidate can bring in, as a smarter employee could turn out to be 10 times more productive than a mediocre one. At the same time, it’s extremely essential for an employer to assess candidate’s attitude and also aptitude for learning.

It’s certain that with a positive attitude towards work and a good aptitude for learning even an average person can turn out to be highly productive. However, it’s not easy to asses these skills, hence such questions.

In reality, it’s not just during the interview but a routine assessment of attitude and aptitude of the entire staff using some fun questions or games can provide everyone a peek into the state of the organization. After all, isn’t it true that the basis of success for any organization is rooted in its attitude towards the work at hand? How people in an organization perform their tasks, treat their customers, associates and fellow colleagues is what determines the success or failure of the organization.

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