Here is a story from the lore…

Once a renunciate went to the forest to pursue his spiritual practices and sat under a tree fasting. After a couple of days he started feeling really hungry and didn’t find much to eat. There he saw an evening, a tiger bringing some meat for a crippled fox. He wondered how come a tiger is bringing food, that too for his enemy and a crippled fox. This continued every evening to his amazement.

One enlightened being was walking past the tree and the renunciate asked him, even a crippled fox doesn’t die of hunger here, how come I, who has renunciated it all, has to stay without food? Isn’t the god merciful to give me also something to eat?

The enlightened being said, you perceived a crippled fox being fed by a tiger and want to have divinity or someone else provide you for your needs. Why didn’t you rather want to be like a tiger who earns his living and even feeds the crippled enemy? Whose example you want to follow is based on what you perceive.

Isn’t it true that our life works out as we perceive it?

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