Common Sense

There have been a variety of surveys and studies that are conducted by focus groups, lobbyists, researchers or scientists and possibly millions of dollars are spent on them. Many a times we see that researchers come to some simple conclusion that grandmas just “knew” intuitively. However, intuition is neither easy to describe nor simple to grasp, it can only be perceived or experienced. May be that’s why we all got into the habit of learning things purely based on logic than also using intuition.

It’s however astonishing to see how some research studies are “logically” advocating consumption of chocolates, alcohol, coffee or things of this nature concluding that they can contribute positively towards human health. I remember learning life-negative effects of such things. However, it seems the use of extreme logic or perhaps biased research made some to reach a conclusion that is not necessarily in sync with common-sense.

Though, it’s just a few studies with outrageous claims help create a flawed perception, the most of the research studies eventually turn out to be useful in some way. Here is an interesting study that concludes that men with “ring” finger longer than their “index” finger are found more attractive by women. I am not sure about the validity or usefulness of this research but it is an interesting one.

By looking at the strange conclusions that some studies draw, isn’t it prudent for one to not justify their life-style by citing the conclusion of such research and rather simply apply common-sense?

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