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There have been many beings that lived on this planet selflessly and worked towards betterment of masses. Sometimes their efforts are recognized, and amongst many ways of recognizing their efforts, it’s customary to name a street, a bridge, an airport etc. with their name.

It’s possible that some who were recognized didn’t necessarily get it with all fair means. But it’s not just about having one’s name on a public property, most of them definitely offered their life in service of humanity. There is something about their contribution that made people name a building or campus with their name.

There have been billions who lived on this planet, but just a few truly contributed something worthwhile for others to honor them with some recognition. So, when someone asks us what are your plans for the next three years or where do you see yourself in next five years, will it not be great if one could answer fearlessly and say that we plan on working towards contributing at least a tiny bit to society.

Whether we leave any legacy or not, whether our name leaves a mark on any building or not, that’s not important but it can leave a mark at least in someone’s heart! If most start working with an attitude to have just the street they live on be named after them, this world can become even more beautiful. What do you think?

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