A Gift

Isn’t it awesome when a loved one or a friend or an acquaintance finds our gift very useful or helpful? Plus, we can experience a sense of gratification and joy. But better yet, how about gifting something really valuable especially when we may not even know who would be the recipient of the gift? Such gifts are normally the selfless acts of donors. A donation need not always have a monetary value, but anything that is done with a sense of offering or something without any hidden agenda is almost always wonderful.

So, what can one donate or offer? Something as simple as a smile, or a flower or a heartfelt thank you or gratitude, just about anything. I was just reading about donating blood… Nationally, approximately four million people need blood each year that is approx. one person every two seconds – the overwhelming majority would die without it. Healthy donors are the only source of blood; there are no substitutes.

Yes, the most valuable gifts normally don’t have any price attached to it. Let’s gift something today!

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