A Leader

I see mainly two types of leaders, the ones who lead by example and the ones who lead by enforcement on others. The ones who lead by example are natural leaders they follow their conviction and go on. Their sincerety may reverbrate with the masses and inspire them to become followers.

The ones who make use of rules and believe in setting regulations on others to sustain leadership, often neither demonstrate the conviction of belief or strength in their action. They are primarily driven by the desire for power or the perceived glory of power that leadership provides.

As it can be seen in any realm of life, say the ones who advocate conserving energy, being fiscally responsible, to be compassionate, to follow healthy diet or anything else- true leaders heed to their own advice.

If someone leads others by ganing popularity with the followers, chasing the opinions of others and not by one’s own conviction is really a follower of the followers and not a leader. Isn’t it so ?

This reminds me of a story about Mahatma Gandhi. When a woman went to him requesting him to advice her son to reduce sugar consumption, he asked her to come back after a month before he could say anything to her son. She went back to him with her son after a month and then Gandhi did the needful. Upon asking why he needed a months time, he said, first I myself had to practice reducing sugar intake and experience it, before I could ask anyone to do so. Thus being a true follower to his own preaching.

So, the next time we encounter a “leader” please see if he/she is a “follower” leader or a “leader” leader to get a better understanding and perspective of their leadership.

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