Fear Of Survival

One of the main teachings and practice that is encouraged by most spiritual organizations is to go beyond mundane survival behavior. For human beings to grow and attain their fullest potential they say, it is important to widen the perception, become inclusive and not be driven by fear of survival.

In the name of taking spirituality to masses and by looking at the practices adopted by some spiritual organizations or their operators, I wonder if their actions themselves are based on fear of getting extinct, are they themselves getting entangled into mundane habits that only serve their own survival.

Is it not essential to look deeper and assess their own behavior while they are trying to market their message? Their intentions of taking spirituality to masses appear to be noble, but in the process are they losing the very essence of the intent? Some say, no one likes to be managed, manipulated or maligned, on the other hand people actually like to be included. But just see how some of the operators of these organizations manipulate some or malign others or exclude the ones they are afraid of. It happens only when the operator themselves are blinded by fear of survival or are sheer incompetent. In either case, it won’t serve the intent of spreading the spiritual practices in the world. Is it not rather preferred to maintain the purity of spiritual processes even if it means limiting the reach of it to a dedicated few, instead of taking it to masses in a diluted manner?

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