The Craving For Clarity

The wise men from the past said sit back, take a deep breath, think and then act… This approach may not necessarily provide a clarity of thought but it can prevent an impulsive action. They said an impulsive action is worst than even a reaction. Yes, at times an impulsive decision may turn out to be beneficial but wouldn’t it be wiser for a grown up to depend atleast upon instincts than on an impulse?

A healthy mind however “responds” to situations rather than “reacting” to them on the basis of instincts or even worse an impulse, the wise men said.

It can be clearly seen that unless someone is gifted or have earned phenomenon level of intelligence and perception, a quick reaction ends up hurting rather than helping anyone and people around. An intelligent and perceptive being can have the necessary clarity to make quick decisions, but isn’t it better for most to take a moment sit back, take a deep breath, think and then act. It’s possible this approach could ultimately provide the necessary clarity for those who crave for it.

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