So, how precisely do you illustrate a point or how important is it for you that the person you are conversing with needs to be precise in whatever he/she is saying? Yes, it is important professionally, for example a sales person needs be precise to a certain degree to convey as accurate a picture of his product as possible. But how about your informal conversations especially while you are chatting with your friends or family, is it important to be technically precise in whatever you or the other person is saying? Some people feel so, they feel that the credibility of a person depends upon how precise an illustration is.

For example, to emphasize the possibility of an outcome many people will often say 99% of time something may happen. Or it is a “million” dollar question. Or in some cultures, people describe “the other day” by saying “the day before”. None of these illustrations are precise. The 99% possibility may not have any statistical basis or something may not have exactly happened “the day before” but the point here is to apply a culturally established metaphor that signifies and conveys that something is as valuable as “million” dollars.

I feel, the application of such symbolic expressions to illustrate a point adds color to the conversation, they may not be technically accurate but they convey a point and in most cases in a more apt manner. Of course, the use of metaphors is dependent upon the language and the culture, but the insistence to be technically precise in all conversations may just make a conversation dry. What do you think?

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