Yes, Your NO Counts…

I have noticed, phenomenal changes happening with me, not only within but also around since last August. Looking outside one can clearly see a new sense of calling and awakening taking place all around the planet. There is a deep-rooted emotional upsurge to make this world a better place. It is clearly apparent in the form of toppling autocracies and demands for positive changes. As per my earlier hunch and post, “may this be the spring of the century” which may be a historic moment of our lifetime and for generations to remember as the beginning of transition to the new face of the world.

In spite of the strong thrust of energy behind the current movements, it takes courage to demonstrate a support to a movement that promises to bring about a positive revolution and significant changes. Lately, many have come forth to support the “People Against Corruption” movement in India. It’s time for everyone to come forth and participate in whatever way, maybe by lighting candles, tweeting, involving one’s friends or writing blogs or whatever way our conscience guides us.

Yes, together we can make this spring, a spring of joy, fill the world with more sense and laughter by eliminating corruption and tyranny from the lives of the people.

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