If your child appears to be acting stubborn while asking for a toy or a trip to an amusement park or whatever else, and chooses not to eat dinner in protest, what would you do with the child? Or in a protest against your non-compliance to what appears to be your parent’s strong will he or she decides to shun taking prescribed medication, what would you do? In such cases if one feels being responsible for the child or the parent then the first thing is to feed the child or coax the parent or in the worst case lovingly thrust the medication in, the other things will follow suit.

As I said earlier, it’s a shameful state of matters where a government allows its citizens to go through situations that create strife in people’s personal and social life. When citizens resort to a hunger strike, don’t you think that policy makers who feel being responsible to the citizen’s wellbeing would first go and coax or show some love and feed the fasting being?

Isn’t it time we get serious and choose people who won’t come to “power” to rule but are already “empowered” within so that they can serve? We need people who portray at least a little empathy and love by embracing the citizens who are in strife and not allow situations where the only option for anyone is to go on a hunger-strike.

What kind of mind do you think can allow senior veterans like Anna Hazare or for that matter anybody go on fasting for days before even making an attempt to engage with him in any constructive dialog? Would your sensibility allow a child, parent, friend or even a man on the street to go through this? If not, why elect such who show such insensitivity about society?

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