Hunger Strike

It is extremely gross when someone resorts to exploiting own body to reach any goal. A destitute may decide to sell own body organs to make a living or sometimes a youth thinks of immolation instead of using the body and mind in a constructive manner or a farmer is put into a situation that drives him to take his own life to get out of the situation, these are extremely gross ways of approaching life and it’s very saddening.

The drive against corruption is picking up steam and the society is in such a pathetic state where someone resorts to go on hunger strike or in other words, decides to use his own body as a means to create the necessary awareness in society. It’s a shameful state of matters where a seventy-two year old is required to go fasting for the media to pay attention to the issue or to awaken policy makers and bring about any positive change.

The corruption has been prevalent in most societies throughout the history, it’s nothing new. However, it’s important to be sensible and work with at least a little “sense of offering” within us and that’s what seems to be lacking in today’s social fabric which is mainly weaved based on scarcity and insecurities. Yes, a reduction in red tape, accountability and transparency etc. are all needed, but it’s more of a procedural matter. Fundamentally there is a need to bring a level of sensibility within each member of the society. Is it not true?

Come to think of it, many who support someone else’s hunger strike continue to eat as usual and don’t observe the fast themselves. Not that everyone needs to go on hunger strike but how many will be willing to stop say drinking alcohol for just one year? Or how about promising to not contribute towards the growth in population by not having more than one child or adopting one or at least sponsoring a child’s education? How about making sure to vote and bring at least one friend to the polling booth who wouldn’t have otherwise voted in the next election? The things similar to these may not remove the corruption from the society, but they will bring a level of sensibility and balance within. This balance is very essential to create social awareness and ultimately remove the corruption from within and outside. It is very essential to actively participate in the democracy and nation building process and not just have occasional activism at the cost of a fasting veteran.

Yes, it’s important to fight against corruption and we can all work together, use the media effectively, create awareness in the society and do many other things but to encourage or even support Anna go through a hunger strike is crude and purely gross. Isn’t it time for us to be more sensible and subtler and we can still attain a corruption free society.

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