High Definition Clarity

It’s wonderful to see things in High Definition format and one just needs to experience the clarity it offers to enjoy it. The lucidity and vivid colors stand out so much that even a simple image can be engrossing and one wouldn’t want to deviate away the attention even from an ordinary scene. “Jill I. Goodwill” was wondering not about the television but about seeing life more clearly to observe the details and have a high definition view of things around.

While attending a party she observed a few of her friends bantering and joking using a language that perhaps even an unripe youngster won’t use. They were oblivious to the immaturity of their so called jokes. She wondered, is it not time to act one’s age. As human beings, amongst many other things, we can say that we have grown and evolved when it’s not necessary to be told to not use foul language, to allow others to be, to set positive examples in front of children, to not use toxins at least in front of kids. After all, kids are quick learners and once they see parents getting drunk or being cunning or engaging themselves in frivolous acts, then doesn’t it become a social issue as it is not only about the parent and the kids anymore, but in some way we all are shaping the next generation by our activity or inactivity.

Is it not time, as a generation, we work on elevating the standard of being and not just the standard of our physical living? Is it not time to have not just the legal regulations but establish some level of moral enforcements? Is that too radical an idea? Is it not time to educate and guide people to see things in a clearer light to have a high definition insight? Jill kept wondering.

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