Wrapping Gifts

I don’t know how and when but somehow I got branded as a good gift wrapper! Now any birthday party, holiday gifting season or any other occasion means the responsibility of arranging for the wrapping paper and the darn sticking tape which always seem to play hide and seek with me has fallen on my capable (?) shoulders. Honestly, I am neither a fan of wrapping gifts nor enjoy doing it. It bothers me as I cut through the beautiful, printed paper and to see wasted pieces of paper lying around, to get a perfect wrapping job done. Besides, it’s painful to see the recipient rip open the gift, no matter how gentle they are and then throw away the gift-wrap in the bin.

I so wish that we can somehow cut down with this wrapping process and rather use the recycled and reusable gift bags or boxes? It will not only help improve the environment, but also will save us some sticking tape and the trials of going through the courtesy of wrapping?

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