Sparkling Chatter

Have you noticed how some kids maintain a smile and still manage to converse? They are chatting and at the same time most of their front teeth can be seen like the sparkling little stars in front of you. They may be telling some everyday thing that happened in their school but their sweet talk and exuberance is also pouring out from their eyes. Their big eyes, may be a little too big for the face, but they are so expressive that they also communicate with you. They are talking not just with the words but also with involvement. Whatever they are saying is important for them and it is not a conversation done just for the sake of formality.

The beauty in whatever they are saying is not necessarily in the content of it but it’s in the genuineness with which it is portrayed. That portrayal evidently exudes from their entire face. That smiling face connects with you somewhere and makes the day. A smiling day, a day to remember!

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