Growth Of A Nation

The most people measure the growth of a nation based on its economic progress or military capacity or even based on happiness level amongst its citizens. Yes, to a certain extent all those are signs of advancement. Some analysts are also forecasting that India, China or nations from South America will be in the forefront within a few decades, based merely on their current financial growth rate.

In case of individuals, we consider an individual has grown when he or she becomes a responsible being or when one is dependable or wiser. An individual is grown in life when the family or the community starts looking up to him or her. We definitely don’t call someone being grown based solely on the amount of money one has or how powerful he/she is. Isn’t that correct?

I am wondering why is it that most of us measure the growth of a nation solely based on its GDP or PPP or some other index. Isn’t it more important for the citizens to be socially more aware, peaceful, aspiring and confident? Today’s advanced nations got there not just based on military or economic advantage but their citizens certainly have an inert dynamism to prosper, imbibing that dynamism is what can make today’s aspiring nations a vanguard as well. Without measuring the energy and liveliness of the society and depending on just the financial growth or its forecasts may turn out simply be an illusion where running on a treadmill also feels like going somewhere but in the end we know where we really are.

India in particular is on the threshold of an explosive growth in all dimensions and one way to contribute and participate is to work with a good NGO. It definitely feels like it’s an exceptionally thriving nation and we hope that it truly forges ahead this time and running on a treadmill is not an option. Good luck!

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