No (free) Mobile Hotspot For You!

It’s been amazing to see how the telecommunication industry and the services offered by it have changed within last few years and in turn they are changing our lives. The internet accessibility from anywhere has almost become a need and wireless internet access is greatly serving that necessity. One way for WiFi only devices to access the internet is to utilize the mobile phone as a wireless hotspot.

Though, it seems that the mobile hotspots may not remain hot anymore as the service provides are in a mood to squeeze the wireless broadband pipeline a bit. It seems that, one will soon be forced to pay for turning a mobile phone into a hotspot, otherwise known as tethering, and it won’t remain as easy as just rooting a few tweaks to your own mobile phone.

Don’t you think that using a mobile phone as a hotspot is similar to adding a wireless router to the home internet connection and in turn sharing the internet access with multiple computers or televisions at home? How would you like to pay for the internet connection separately for each internet capable device at home? Or would you pay an additional tethering fee for using wireless router? I am just not sure if it’s neutral to collect fees for using mobile hotspots. Plus, how does it really matter how many devices share an internet connection especially on a limited data usage plan, they all will be consuming from an allotted quota, isn’t it? Am I missing something here? What’s your opinion? Please comment below.

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