A Counter

There is a counter running in most people’s head. A counter to count the amount in the bank account. A counter to compare children’s growth with neighbour’s kids. A counter to check the number of blog hits and even a counter to check the “spiritual growth”.

What do you think if one should also start counting the moments in which he/she is loving in a day. A counter to check ups and downs in one’s emotions. A counter that can check periodic growth in wisdom?

Isn’t it evident that just using the first type of counter may help one enjoy a few amenities in life, but besides that the richest also struggle with routine humdrum as the average ones. The first type of counter isn’t much helpful in attaining the fundamental beauties of life. Fundamentally, people are striving to be happy and choosing the second counter is entirely gratifying, fulfilling or at least will help serve the humanity.

Isn’t it the time to give the second type of counter a chance? Who knows we may end up counting our steps on the path towards what they say is the “ultimate” that life has to offer.

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