Spring Is Here

After looking at the current world events it seems that people all over are aspiring for freedom and wellness. It feels we are amidst a historical and revolutionary moment where the world order is being re-written. The spring season has just started on March 20th, however the spring of aspirations has already sprung full blown and here are a few lines wishing to make this spring, a season where the tyranny disappears.

Spring is springing
Buds are flowering
Sun is blazing
Warmth is seasoning

Masses are awakening
Aspirations are soaring
Free will is rooting
And Roots are strengthening

Revolutions are tooted
Tyrants are uprooted
People no longer are muted
Joy is springing… Freedom is sprouting

Let’s make it the spring of the century
Inducing Joy and Freedom and no tyranny
May there be no tyrant outside… or within
Now that spring is springing… spring is springing

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