Cheers! (or is it?)

Cheers! exclaimed hobnobbers who relish to stimulate their nervous system with alcoholic intoxicants when Georgia state senate voted to lift the ban on Sunday liquor sales. Until recently liquor sales were not allowed on Sundays in some states. Though alcoholic beverages are possibly addictive and can have a deep impact on the nervous system they are still reveled by many. Even though the reasons behind the ban were debatable, they served a purpose of limiting the consumption to a certain extent. I just got a kick out of this lithograph from a Wikipedia page and thought it’s not a bad measure of one’s status, from the first glass to the grave ;- )

(click on the image to enlarge it)

Step 1. A glass with a Friend.
Step 2. A glass to keep the cold out.
Step 3. A glass too much.
Step 4. Drunk and riotous.
Step 5. The summit attained. Jolly companions. A confirmed drunkard.
Step 6. Poverty and disease.
Step 7. Forsaken by Friends.
Step 8. Desperation and crime.
Step 9. Death by suicide.

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