Yes, I did that…

When was the last time you performed something that you are really a proud of, something gratifying and fulfilling or at least something that is larger than mundane? Something that you can tell your friends, relatives or your kids, grandkids – YES, I did that or I was involved in it? This question was posed to me by recent situations and events in life.

It’s such a simple question, but so profound. I have been fortunate to be in the company of certain people and situations in my life and that along with my kismet or destiny or choices, I don’t know what, but it led to a special and very personal three-month stint last year that I can say, YES, I was part of it. Some other volunteering opportunities also have contributed to my being and me perhaps touching someone else’s. YES, again!

Isn’t it very essential for everyone to be in regular experience that one could say YES, I was part of it? An experience that could be small but deep-rooted and one can cherish all his or her life? Having it not just once or twice a year… it will be truly immense if it happens every moment. At least one can determine to be a part of such an extra-ordinary activity periodically and then leave the “Yes, I did that” experience to circumstances. Hmmm…? Otherwise, mundane and insipid matters can easily take over the life and livelihood before one knows it, just like the weeds can take over the turf in an un-cared for lawn.

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