Be like an Ostrich…

An Ostrich, a bird that is mostly found in Africa has a brain which is smaller than the size of its eye. On the other hand, the elephants have a bigger brain, much larger in size than human brain. Irrespective of the size of the brain, the both, an ostrich and an elephant are intelligent enough to take care of themselves and survive, which is one of the basic instincts amongst all creatures.

In terms of evolutionary measures, there is no doubt that the human beings are the smartest creatures on the planet and are most advanced. We even try to measure the intelligence… after all what’s intelligence? It’s whatever an intelligence test measures… that’s the intelligence :- )… well, that’s an old joke.

Jokes apart, the dependence on the brain has brought much fruits to human life. At the same time a constant effort to envision and gaze at life through the mind-full brain limits ones experience to sheer survival and worldly processes, just like that for an ostrich or an elephant.

May be an Ostrich, a bird with bigger eyes to see and smaller brain to think… is a way of the nature to symbolize and convey to us to see more or widen the perception and live a little less in the mindful brain, that’s the only way to evolve… Shouldn’t one be like an Ostrich in this game of life, not literally but metaphorically, because life can only be perceived and not understood.

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