My new (unavailable) iPad2

The sleek new iPad2 from Apple opened to big lines in the US. Many who bought it online had gotten up early to make sure they get hold of one device before it possibly goes out of stock. Many were disappointed to see that most local stores ran out of stock and shipping time for on-line orders was 2-3 weeks.

One of my friends was wondering about this “want” for the new device. One can get much powerful and relatively light-weight laptop for about or less than $499. But owning an iPad2 is really “cool” and people seem to “want” one as soon as it was released. No doubt, Apple is fantastic at creating a great product and at marketing it.

I thought about the approach of releasing a product that draws such enthusiasm, and wondered whether it is better to release a hot product as soon as possible with a possible scarcity that may disappoint some customers and perhaps drift them away from a purchase, as the impulse of “wanting” may subside within 2-3 weeks. Or is it preferred to have a solid supply of the hot product before releasing and sell it to as many customers as possible upon release? After all, instead of waiting, a customer may decide to buy some other item or drop the idea of purchasing it.

On another note, no doubt that Android is a great platform, however in my opinion, the scarcity of iPhone to a certain extent also helped its meteoric rise in market share. Had iPhone been availble on all carriers it could have played out more favorible for Apple, but that’s my 2 cents. What do you think? Please vote below. BTW… I am one of those disappointed customers who couldn’t get hold of an iPad2 and now wondering about its utility for me. :- ( Anyways, Congratulations to Apple on a successful launch of iPad2.

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