Making Dough…

There is something about making dough, the rhythmic process of kneading an airy and contiguous dough is the basis for soft bread, especially the Indian “Phulka’s” or “Chapati’s”. It needs just the right amount of wheat flour and water, and kneading with dedication and love can be an experience as close as creating music or painting.

I always felt that my mother makes the best “Puran Poli”, an Indian bread stuffed with a sweet, made out of a paste of gram flour and sugar. The fragrant and flavorful wheat turns into soft and luscious bread only when the dough is made appropriately.

Come to think of it, is there anything ordinary in the world? Even a simple process of making bread or kneading dough can bring immense joy and fulfillment just to see how coarse flour turns into different kinds of breads. It’s a kind of joy that a gardener experiences when the seeds he sows turn into a beautiful bed of flowers. It’s so fulfilling… and can elevate the energies and liveliness… Is that what’s considered as being close to our spiritual nature?

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