Run: 2 miles a day… Keeps the doctor away?

The vivacious energy was being bestowed by the wonderful greenery from the gardens of “Jill I. Goodwill’s” small family home. The loving family and wonderful friends were making her life lively and cheerful. She was about 7 years old and was a darling of the neighborhood. Her neighbor and father’s friend, a medical doctor by profession, was also very fond of her. He was like an uncle to her and she used call him Dr. Uncle.

Dr. Uncle was very loving and never liked to see a child falling sick. Jill fell ill once and was taken to Dr. Uncle. She was having a slight fever and cough and nothing major. The ebullient Dr. Uncle diagnosed her quickly and handed her prescription to her father. To cheer her up he said, she is just fine and simply needs run for two miles everyday, she will be just fine then. She doesn’t need any medication. That brought a faint smile on her face.

Dr. Uncle jokingly prescribed her a run for two miles everyday. A very simple thing, but it stuck with her and she took it as a “mantra” and started running everyday. It changed her life, gave her new sense of joy being with the nature, the wonderful feeling of getting immersed into the vivacious energy that was being bestowed by the wonderful greenery on the way. She got well and felt energetic, got fitter within and outside.

Now decades have passed, Jill is fit and adores the wonderful runner’s high, now she gives out the “mantra” to everyone, Run… Run for 2 mile everyday. It’s a cure, not necessarily for everything, but for the most of the illnesses within…

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