“Jill I. Goodwill” was taking a stroll alongside the beautiful sea shore. The sun was mild and the pleasant breeze caressing her hair. She seemed to be fully with herself today. She was enjoying the simple walk while the ocean waves were gently stroking her feet and the soft sand attempting to hold her back.

There came a group of adolescents who were simply enjoying with effervescent zest. They were laughing and bantering with one another, just living in the lap of delight and joy.

She was enjoying the beauty around but suddenly realized that it is becoming an effort to stride forward. May be the soft sand was slowing her down? Strangely, it felt similar to her life course itself, where she enjoyed the abundant bounty of life but now it’s all slowing down, something was holding her back. What is it? Had she lost the zest for life.

After accomplishing much success in life, she felt, now at this middle-age something is amiss. Jill was smart and she knew deep down within, that the inhibitor inside her had come awake. She needs to take charge and let go, let go her inhibitions. From that moment on, she decided to be herself and to let go…

… to let go and simply enjoy like those adolescents
… to let go and adore the sun and dance in the moon, the full one and the new one
… to let go and laugh out from the heart
… to let go and workout even amongst the fittest
… to let go and go on the stage, speak even amongst the greatest of orators
… to let go and be the channel to express her being

From that moment on she let go her inhibitions and found herself all over again.

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