Three Is Company

THREE, a wonderful number! We constantly see its presence in the games, order of things, signs or any number of other things. It seems the number three is also deeply ingrained in the human system. The human vision, which is the primary sense for human beings is also trichromatic, that means it is based on three colors – Red, Green and Blue.

It is said that average human being gathers about 80% of information just using the vision and the rest 20% is collected from the other four senses – hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.

The experience of trio in human life doesn’t just stop at the vision. Not only one sees the world with trichromatic vision, but also perceives it mainly with another trio: the Body, Mind and World (BMW) around. Most also conceptualize the Past, Present or the future. The human life is possible mainly due to the celestial trio:  Sun, the moon and our planet Earth.

By seeing how many trio’s work coherently in human life, it seems one needs to say- Three is company and not necessarily a crowd! Here is another trio, the father, mother and the child elephant, are they on they way to unravel the secrets of trinity?

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