What is it?

Albert Einstein is perhaps the most famous scientist of the last century. One of his most well-known accomplishments is the formula E=mc2. The mathematically deduced formula tells us how to calculate energy based on the matter and the speed of light.

It will be interesting to know the energy and not just settle for mathematical deductions of it? After all what is energy. After all, what is the energy? Especially the one that comes from within us, I often wonder.

– One gets overwhelmed when immersed in the company of a loved one…
– The joyous hug that child offers when a parent comes back home…
– The wonderful feeling of can-do attitude after watching an inspiring movie…

What happens within us during these lively moments? Is it a spurt of a special energy or well-being within us? The other aspects of human life, for instance, the body, mind and emotions can be experienced and described relatively easily. But what is it exactly that is perceived as “energy”? How can it be described or seen, or is it just for us to experience it?

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