Simple Fun of Life

It is astonishing to witness how electronic gadgets, social media and amongst other things the access to information has transformed our lives in this era of the internet. It has grown so much that now people even have access to the information and entertainment on their mobile devices. Just about 20 years ago such things couldn’t even be imagined.

“Jill I. Goodwill” was waiting in the badge renewal office. There were three other colleagues who were ahead of her, busy checking something on their smart phone. A couple of magazines with an unexciting title like-“A Framework for improving cross-sector coordination for emergency preparedness and response” were on the center table. There was nothing much to do for her, but just wait. She sat quietly, looking outside the window, occasionally feeling her breath flowing through her nostrils all the way down to the abdomen and back up. She found the process of sitting quiet, without particularly doing anything very exciting.

She thought to herself, how most people must perform certain activity even when there is nothing particular to do. Many watch TV or read something or just play with the “smart” phone etc. It’s so difficult to just sit and be. Though her pet dogs and cats are expert in the simply sitting, but it’s a challenge for many of us, the advanced human species.

She recalled that people used to enjoy even in the days when today’s gadgets didn’t exist. They enjoyed playing real sports or games in the analog age. They met with real friends and family and not online buddies.

Today’s social media is so powerful but is it making us more aloof? Are we becoming loners, updating online status rather than conversing with the person next to us? Are we losing the simple fun of life and trying to replace it with the advanced gadgets? Jill kept on wondering.

What do you think?

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