Attention Please

“Jack I. Cunningham” had been having issues in paying attention. In the past he could pay absolute attention to what “Jill I. Goodwill” or his other friends are saying. He could focus on the things at hand. Nowadays, he gets distracted easily. The lack of attention caused the hyperactivity and loss in productivity.

The both, Jack and Jill, have heard much talk about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among kids. However, Jill could easily notice lack of attentiveness among adults as well. She had seen Jack texting or quickly updating the social status while watching a movie. She even noticed many having an urge to quickly check their email even while having delicious dinner with a loved one. Many of her friends at gym could not work-out without listening to music or watching TV.

Today, due to the exponential growth in media and social networking outlets, many are tempted to handle multiple media outlets at once, generally referred to as media stacking. It was not a not a sign of multitasking but it was clear to Jill that it portrays how easily Jack and some of her other friends get “bored” with the things at hand.

Jill found upon further study, the reason that anyone finds anything boring is due to lack of involvement. A full involvement in whatever one is doing, will make it impossible for them to get bored. It is an art and also an acquired habit to remain attentive. One just needs to practice it.

Congratulations! If you have read this boring blog post up to here without getting distracted, then you definitely don’t need to be told, Attention Please…

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