“Jack I. Cunningham” and his friend “Jill I. Goodwill” had been experiencing corruption that was mushrooming in the society. The effects of social, monetary, ethical, moral and other forms of corruption were evident upon their daily lives and they were contemplating on the effective ways to remove it for themselves and for others.

Jack decided to form groups and committees that can work as watchdogs over perceived “corrupt” people. He decided work on changing others through activism, disciplining them and by spreading the message to create awareness in the society.

Jill noticed that, when it comes to individuals, most prefer to be corruption free and be with positive emotions like peace, pleasantness or joyousness. In spite of that, she observed that many suffer misery, anger, jealousy or hatred. Jill recognized that as a human being, people are capable of having a variety of emotions, in addition many are driven by insufficiencies, greed or necessities in life. Anyone who is glued to the emotions or the one who is driven by outwardly needs is naturally risking being corrupt.

She felt that when a being is filled with negativity more, than the positivity of life, then the corruption has occurred in that being. She decided to work on spreading the awareness about uprooting the negativity from within.

What do you think? We need to focus mainly on strict discipline and watchdog groups to remove corruption? Or it is time now one also needs to work on purifying the internal state of a person? Once that happens, the monetary, social and other forms of corruptions will wilt away sooner rather than later?

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