Jack and Jill Make Money

It’s the beginning of the career for hardworking and talented Jack and Jill. After the graduation, “Jack I. Cunningham” decided to venture into capital investments and he made a fortune with successful investments. Some of his friends were profited in legal victories and a few other gambled successfully or won a lottery. Some almost got a celebrity status because of the amount of their wealth.

The adventures, “Jill I. Goodwill”, decided to work in an automobile factory. Some of her friends from school exhibited the entrepreneurial skills and created successful enterprises. Some other were involved in research which is going to be very useful for generations.

Jack and his friends became wealthy except in the process did not “make” anything other than money. Jill and her friends created something that can be useful to others in the process of making money.

It’s great to make money. However, which way would you choose? Would you prefer to go Jack’s way and be content with just becoming wealthy? Or rather prefer Jill’s way to riches which includes hard work, innovation, creating something for others and a possibility for success?

Here is a “Make Money” button… which way one wants to employ it is up to them 🙂

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