If you have flown kites you may have encountered tangled cords.  The wind may be blowing great, the sun also up and the weather also  fantastic but the cord is tangled. Isn’t it frustrating to have to focus on getting it straightened rather than enjoying kite flying?

Isn’t this true for life also to a certain extent? When the situation is well, rather than enjoying it, many are trying to create and then straighten the tangled situations.

When there is vigor and aspiration to achieve something in life, many adolescent seem to get stuck with unnecessary encumbrances. When it’s time to enjoy with the family, many are busy in the career rut. When it’s time to cherish the company of elderly and learn from their wisdom, some are busy pursuing and chasing the mundane. Some in position of power, no matter how old cannot let go and create rife and conflict within and also around themselves.

Perhaps, taking just a few steps back and bringing a little distance between us and the situations can help un-tangle the most complex of situations. This can help provide the joy of flying the kites of happiness in the most challenging winds…

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