The human race has come a long way from the stone age days to the current modern day. The educational system that focuses on acquiring knowledge through logical and experimental means, definitely has taught us how to use the basics and make the most of what life has to offer. It is fascinating to note that inspite of being mostly clueless about the basic elements we have been able to achieve a significant amount of control over them.

We can control a hugh body of water by building dams and channeling rivers, but we don’t actually know what water is or how to make it. We can control the fire to a large extent, but we do not know what fire really is? We can defy the gravity and take a flight against it but do we know gravity? The same is true with the air and the space.

Many people live through life and discuss it at length, but maybe with the exception of a few enlightened beings, we don’t know when and how life was conceived, where we come from and where we go? With much advancement in medical science, we can save lives but still haven’t figured out what is life and elements of life like the human body, brain, blood the foundation blocks of life really are.

Isn’t it amusing to almost have mastery over the elements, without truly knowing them. Hope to find out some day…

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