There have been any number of companies that came and disappeared in just last fifty years. The thriving ones are only a few and can be easily be counted. Some others were acquired and they either flourished or failed.  The most that disappeared definitely lacked something. One thing which might have cost them and was probably lacking is a goodwill of their associates and customers.

As it can be seen with most companies which have failed, the management sometimes fails to relate with the customers to establish a certain level of goodwill and is primarily focussed on short-term gains and quick profits for themselves, which often turn out to be costly. This is true not only for corporations, but also with individual relationships, friends, associates and within communities.  If one loses the goodwill of people, then that to me construes as the biggest loss of  capital and assets.

When one is sincere in their approach in whatever they are doing, whether cooking at home, working in office or running an organization, it can bring loads of goodwill. People can easily sense the sincere efforts and naturally a goodwill flourishes. Goodwill is the strength which can take the individual or a corporation through the thicks or thins of life.

Any thoughts?

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