Financial Planner

So, you hired a financial planner. He is eloquent and convincing, he also seems to be good at his work. He promises a year-over-year return of 100% on your investment. Wow! that sounds too good to be true. But again, you have some spare money and are ready to invest and above all you have very good references about this person. So you go ahead with the investment.

The “planner” starts working on you and your money. He remains constantly in touch with you. He shares joy and love, nuggets of wisdom and humor. He really wins your confidence. You start feeling good and comfortable in his company. Slowly he becomes a part of your family. He cries with you, he dances with you. Any family event, and he is there – like an elder brother. You start really looking up to him. Being in his company is a real bliss and an opportunity to learn something new.

On the other hand, there is not much news on your investment. How can you even raise questions about it. After all, he is like a family and you fully trust him. Now, the day has arrived. Today, it has been a year since you invested. Should you expect to get double the money you had invested or not worry about it as the funds are being put to very good use? The funds are helping the needy and you also don’t need them. Above all, you don’t feel like drifting away from the financial planner by withdrawing your funds. After all, it has been a wonderful affair, a platonic one, surely the relationship that you cherish.

Is he a good financial planner? After all, the finances have been planned in such a way that most needy have access to it. The ones who don’t need it, enjoy and cherish his company. He is kind of a new-age robin hood. After all self proclaimed “Financial Planning” is what robin hood did, right? He planned the finances, not necessarily to the liking of everyone. But ask the ones who benefited from it. They look up to him as divine.

The question arises, in any profession, is it really important to deliver and do everything that you say or it’s okay to take some liberty to attain a greater goal?

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