Polite or Political

Many of us have ideas and ideologies, likes and dislikes, opinions about things, hunches and instincts. They serve us in some respect to handle our lives.  When one of our own, our children or parents, a close friend, old teacher or even spouse expresses an opinion or an idea which is contrary to ours, is it better for us to be polite and express the disagreement? Or is it “smart” to be political and pretend to agree through our silence or by avoiding the topic. The silence may avoid the conflict that could have arisen by expressing our own opinion, but most likely hinder the growth by looking at the opinion of both the sides.

Isn’t it useful to have courage to be candid and just be and not be political/clever and hold back for whatever reasons. At least with the ones we care for? If there is maturity on both sides it may strengthen and bond the relationship further. I feel, it is very important to imbibe a culture within ourselves, our kids, loved ones and true friends to be genuine and candid.

What do you think?

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