Faith and Belief

Faith and belief, are they the same or is there any difference between them? Also, why does one have faith or belief in something? One thing is clear that when we don’t know something for sure, that’s when we believe. Some say, we are unwilling to accept that we do not know, so we resort to a belief. But still, what’s the need to believe in something? The reason lies in the nature of fickle mind. Which is constantly seeking comfort and consolation. When one attains the necessary maturity, temperament and balance in life the need for artificial comfort and consolation will probably disappear.

Once we stop fearing God, but rather get friendly with him or her having faith is very natural. After all the faith is something we arrive at through our own conviction and experience where as the belief is often told to us by someone. To me that’s all the difference, but a big one. Is it not? What do you think?

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