Straight from the heart

When we say “this” has come straight from the heart, what does that mean? Can something really come straight from the heart? No. It’s a metaphorical saying. Everything comes out of our mind and intellect. Straight from the heart just means that “that something” has not come out of a calculated mind which normally takes timid decisions. Why timid decisions? It’s because of the nature of the mind. Its thinking is based on the surroundings, past experiences and current threats. A calculated decision means an attempt to project into the future restricted by the fear about something. A fear of failure, loss, humiliation or anything else. This calculated mind is playing games with us all the time.

Whenever someone says something or someone does something that is not based on this “calculated mind”, then that’s what we call straight from the heart. Isn’t it? When we cherish someone else’s quality of speaking from heart so much. Even we often speak from the heart ourselves. Why don’t we all follow it all the time? Somehow the society looks at it as a little eccentric to speak from the heart. Rather they choose to have so called “sophisticated”, “classier” calculated conversation. There is a fear of failure or exposing our true nature to the world . The one who is not sincere to oneself will only fear about exposing the true nature, isn’t it?

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