Approach to religion

The religions and religious ceremonies in India are quite lively and vibrant just like the Indian society. More than the religion, spirituality seems to have firm roots in individuals there. Even a farmer or the man on the street have something to say on Karma and Mukti. More than religious events one notices gatherings like melas, celebrations, festivals at homes, public places or even places of religious worship. Most of this is done by the common people and often without much religious motive and may include participation of people with different religious backgrounds.

It is fascinating how in a nation like India with people with diversity in religion coexist, live, celebrate and participate in all festivitites with full fervour. It almost feels that all festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Gurupurva etc belong to all and are aptly a holiday for all to celebrate in their own way, without really identifying them much with one’s religion. I wonder if this is a better way and approach to religion? How would this work if this secular approach was extended to the world?

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