Believer or Skeptic
Worshiper or Agnostic
Realizing the immensity
That existence is an infinity
The self is bound by mortality
Bowing down with humility
Can then make…
Proximity with the divinity
A living reality…



Arrogant need no Foe
They already have inflated Ego
Believing in creating for others a shield
Or is it just fostering self pride
In unawareness… lines are blurry
Will need humility to see clearly…
Acting upon excellent intention
But without eternal compassion
Will entrap one in torturous situation
Beholding compassion and yearning for clarity
Can rid agony.. and will deliver ecstasy
In unawareness… lines are blurry
Will need humility to see clearly…


The one whose core is pure
The one whose core is pure…
Has sincerity that makes a devious tremor
And exhibits simplicity that crooks fear
The one whose core is pure…
Will make thugs insecure
Will shake up their interior until they can’t bear
Causing the quake to their core
Only to make their venoms disappear
The one whose core is pure…
Does it only out of love and care
Only to help even devious ones turn pure…


They say… health is wealth. I think most people are aware that imbibing healthy living habits is essential. That’s the reason why most parents keep chocolates, soda or things of this nature away from their kids and make sure they eat vegetables or other healthy food. Although one “knows” the downside of following unhealthy routine, what do you think is the reason that many still don’t act upon changing their behavior?

I feel it’s a combination of two things… lack of will power and lack of consciousness. While many “know” about downsides, the “knowledge” is mostly bookish or gathered from external sources and hasn’t touched deep inside or in other words, it hasn’t turned into a living consciousness within. Can someone who is conscious of the consequences of following unhealthy routine continue to follow it? No, definitely not. However, it’s not easy to become conscious. Until then, one may need to make an effort to apply will power and force oneself to get into healthy habits or get out of unhealthy ones. Just like how parents force the child to brush and bathe every day, then after sometime it can become a healthy routine.

What do you think?

Enhancing Reputation

It’s great to apply one’s expertise towards helping someone.

It’s even greater when your friend refers his/her acquaintance to you believing that your skills can help them solve their issue. Then, when you actually solve their issue, your friend feels great and says, wow, that enhanced his reputation!

It’s awesome to be of help, beyond that making someone experience a boost in their reputation because they referred someone to the right person (you) is even more awesome!

Low Signal To Noise Ratio

Now a days there seems to be a low signal to noise ratio…

A lot of noise… and a weaker signal

Lots of opinions… and very little news

A lot of gossip… and less information

A lot of rhetoric… very little actually being done

Lots of debates… a little substance

Lots of criticism… little creative work

Every other news was a “breaking” just a few years ago…
…every news seems to be “leaking” now a days

Entangled in ideologies… little is offered as a service

There seems to be a lot of noise… and a very weak signal

Just a bit of Introspectionmeditation… and inclusion

Can enhance the ratio… weaken the noise and enhance the signal


Fear Greed

    Ignorance Guilt

Check if a marketer is trying to exploit one of our above emotions in selling us something?

Becoming aware of it can help one choose what’s really needed.


Exhibiting conscious poise in routine activities can help one reach the heights of confidence. Just confidence alone can make one happier and stronger. One can create joyful positiveness in the surroundings and the people around.

So, can confidence alone deliver what’s needed? The confidence alone without clarity, intelligence or knowledge may not provide the fruits that could have otherwise been garnered. But, with a gentle heart and humble mind, just the confidence alone can make one thrive and make others throb with liveliness.

One can try being consciously confident for just one day, and experience the joy that it can bring. The energy that one can exhibit and the impact one can have on others. The knowledge, intelligence or clarity without confidence can hardly deliver anything, but a kinder confident being can definitely make at least the self a joyful being.

Guru Pournima (Guru’s day!)

A guru and the disciple have the same goal…

…the goal is to attain disciple’s spiritual uplifting

…Only a pure heart of a guru can bear the ignorance of disciples… and still be determined to guide them towards the ultimate wellbeing. Gratitude & Pranams!

On this Guru Pournima day (Guru’s day), seeking gracehumilityclarity can make one bask in the glory of guru’s energies

with love!

Drenched In Sweetness

The endeavor in some people’s life is to spread sweetness through their activity or passion, affection or devotion towards others, their exuberant acts are meant only to bring a little more sweetness of joy in other’s lives… that sweetness can be enjoyed by each and everyone… one just needs to drop the diabetic barriers and experience it.

Here are some Indian sweets (Gulab Jamun) made by a sweetest person I know… enjoy!

Bitter Juice

Fruit and vegetable juices are wonderful nutrients, especially some of the bitter tasting vegetables are considered good for easing diabetic condition. At the same time, one needs to exercise caution while consuming large doses of juices with bitter taste. It’s known anecdotally that consumption of large doses of onion juice, especially on empty stomach, can cause severe health damage.

A few cases of people consuming bitter bottle gourd (“lauki” in Hindi) mixed with bitter gourd (“karela” in Hindi) had to be hospitalized. Here is the news story from Times of India. Even though, the details about their health condition and what actually may have caused the health issue is still being researched, isn’t it better to peel off the rind even from apparently sweet vegetables or fruits before the use in daily meals or juices?

Good Deal?

In today’s commerce driven society, most companies and individuals are mainly focused, just on the profits or earnings for the next quarter. No doubt, there are some corporations that “do no evil” and try to bring value and goodwill to people. There are some companies that clearly seem to have awareness about their social situations and wish to contribute towards the growth of the community from where their employees, customers, associates come from.

Here is a wonderful story of an Indian town that voluntarily honored (sometimes called as Groupon of India) by renaming itself to Nagar for Snapdeal’s help in enabling clean drinking water by installing water pumps for villagers. The complete story can be found here

New I-Pad (India-Pad)!

“Sakshat” (meaning manifestation), a new tablet designed and developed in India, priced at Rs. 2,200 per device (appx $50) will be available to IIT Rajasthan students this June. Also, additional 90,000 units will be available to other areas soon.

The Sakshat tablet by HCL will come with a 7 inch touchscreen, inbuilt keyboard, video conferencing facility, multimedia content, Wi-Fi, USB port, Linux OS, 32GB HD, 2 GB RAM and computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab and Internet browsing.

Hopefully this “India-pad” will be available to all students and its access will not be restricted based on any “quota”! More details can be found Here.

Come on, Man!

Crooked Man says
Common Man is a
Communal Man, because peacefully protesting against a
Corrupt Man is not in line with
Con Man’s principles
Now Come on, Man!


Unless compelled by unavoidable situations, agreeing or disagreeing with a fact, “after the fact” can either be a sign of meekness or opportunism, the sincere and courageous ones take a stance before the fact!

Nonetheless, better late than never… Leading the way forward or following it is a choice.

Just that… that’s what differentiate a leader from a follower.


Living life with Clarity and Conviction

…will make one Calm and Courageous


The people have now awaken
The crooked will be shaken
Once “Ram” takes out “Ravan”
The land will then once again become a heaven

Magical Dripping

A dripping glass of sap
Making the music of tip-tap
It’s dripping from bottom to the top
That’s the magic of every drop

The secret is…
To live with effervescence
Drenching in the fountain of elegance
Resonating with drop’s sustenance
Experiencing magic is surely an assurance


Reality is real only to the extent it can be experienced

…the rest are all ideas acquired through knowledge or belief.

Life Is Colorful

Life is colorful

At times some wish to evaluate everything and wish to see it in black and white

Evaluating self is introspection… Evaluating others is judgmental

Keep The Mobile Phone Away?

The radio frequency electromagnetic fields generated by radio, television and wireless telecommunications are possibly carcinogenic to humans, says WHO? The World Health Organization!

Here is the news story. Anyways, isn’t it good to occasionally make ourselves “free” from the “cell” of a phone and spend some time alone?

Grace Of Creativity

At different stages of life, most tend to seek different things. A young adolescent would normally seek education or a career. Some seek love or a partner to share their joy with. During mid-life most seek success in their career, business, a stable life or peaceful situations. During older age, naturally most tend to seek health and may wish to share their wisdom of life with others.

This is my 100th blog post and it’s hard to believe that I could actually write hundred different blog entries in a span of four months. On this journey of writing thoughts, quotes, poems and other things, the realization of being content is more important than blindly seeking for things that serve to bring immediate expediency was reinforced. So, at this stage what’s the seeking? Seeking is for the Grace of Creativity!

Memorial Day

The one who lives life with a sense that someone or something is far bigger than themsleves, is and will be remembered for ever…


Memorial Day Greetings!

Smooth Sailing

Have you experienced sometimes on your way to work that traffic is much lighter than normal, somehow the traffic signals are green or they just turn green by the time you reach the intersections, you find a nice parking spot and people at the security or reception are smiling and friendlier. The atmosphere around is more positive than usual. There is something in the air and your sailing on the ground is much smoother than normal.Yes, it can happen not just on the way to work but on the longer journeys as well, where everything just seems to be falling in place right. There is something that drives you and also the surrounding is driven by it. What is it? As some put it, could it be that, when one sits in the lap of grace, every journey can then become a smooth sailing.

What’s Your Tag-line

Most of the organizations, commercial or otherwise, have a tag-line or have some sort of phrase that defines their motto or underlying intentions or business ideas. It’s a great way to be driven by a tag-line which can help in focusing on an objective and distinguish themselves from competition.

Use of a tag-line can not only help organizations, but also add color to an individual’s routine. How about taking up a tag-line, may be a new tag-line for each month to define a mission for a month and be driven by it? A tag-line for an individual can be something as simple as… Getup early and workout for a month… Plant trees or work in the yard every weekend for a month… No late night-outs for a month… Eat vegetables in every meal for a month… or something like this.

Yes, are you on it? So, what’s your tag-line for this month?

Projecting Self

The inherent ability of human mind to project the other being into one’s own self helps develop a certain set of moral standards and ethical behavior. For example, seeing someone else in pain can naturally generate a certain level of empathy in one’s mind because of experience of someone else’s pain can be projected into that of one’s own mind. Or in other words, we all have an inherent ability to be able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and virtually experience the pain, joy or some other emotion. This ability also helps enforce a certain level of ethical behavior for not inflicting pain. Thus, the ethics or a moral behavior is not necessarily propagated by an institutional teachings but it’s just a reflection of one’s own projection of mind or perception.

There has been some talk about being “ethical” in our daily work or to not deviate from “moral” behavior by indulging in some corrupt practices. A “moral” or “ethics related” teaching cannot really transform someone, but using one’s inherent ability to project every act and it’s possible impact on others can help make one’s surroundings gentler and pleasant. Isn’t it so?


Dwelling under one sky
Like a shadow of one another
Still staying anonymous
Living in imaginary independence

This wall of individuality
Creates a rift and breeds duality
Separating a habitat from a sign of unity
Is  functioning of apathy

After realizing the fragility of our existence
Blending of hearts and living gently
Is of utmost significance
Dualism then unites into a beautiful alliance


Don’t assume… make an attempt to know it…

Their brutal honesty triumps hypocritical politeness…

Have courage… shun away the insipid ways, yearn to thrive…

Encourage transparency… because vagueness breeds corruption

Never get desperate… Never Ever.

Fooling Ourselves

Whatever happens, happens for good. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry, be happy. These are a few self consolatory ideas that are generally cooked up in timid minds. Yes, it’s essential to be consolatory with someone when they are down. However, it can be seen today that people who appear to be healthy and are doing okay in life, resort to believing that someone or something will take care of the situations in their life. Isn’t it a pure psychological process of escaping the existential reality?

Actually, just a little courage to face the nature of things can be attained by keeping a distance from entangling enticements. Then one won’t need to fool ourselves in consolatory false beliefs. Then one can say… Yes, am walking on the path of self-progress!

Writing… A Virtual Memory

The palest ink is better than the best memory – Chinese proverb

That’s the reason why it’s essential to put words in writing… by keeping a diary or by writing a blog or something as simple as tweeting, whatever method one chooses to look deeper into one’s thoughts can help one become more conscious of it and may also serve in many ways that one may not have imagined.

Being Creative

We all are gifted with an ability to use our imagination to develop new ideas or things to express originality that may have been inspired based on our past experiences or impressions from other’s writing, poetry, opinions, art or any other form of creative expression. An expression of creativity is definitely a sign of a healthy state of mind. It’s possible that some are better able to articulate their creative nature. However, making a focused attempt to create something can definitely improve the ability to express one’s creativity.

Inhibition is one of the main reasons why many restrain from expressing their creative nature. One can acquire skills to better express their creativity by practice, but one needs to starts expressing it at some point.

So, how can one express their creativity? There could be innumerable ways to do it, as simple as applying a little thought and updating one’s social status with a creative message, or tweeting pithy 140 character comments, writing simple songs, writing a joke with a message outside of your office or anything like that can get one going. Taking small steps could lead one into creating something bigger, plus it can add a whole new dimension to our life.

Let’s create something! Being Creative can then earn one a recognition as a Creative Being and add more joy to life !

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